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3 months ago

Given is a BL anime I recently watched.

Despite of the characters' sexual orientation, the love and music portrayed really made me feel intense emotions.

They grew up with each other. They had each other's back and they started dating in high school. Imagine doing most of your first times with someone you love, when you got that real love but sadly one died and they fought before Yuki, the one at the left died.

Mafuyu, the one at the right didn't know what to do or what to say. They didn't even part with proper goodbye.

Fortunately, at his new school he met Ritsuka and the rest of the band and there he was able to convey the words he kept suppressing for a long time through a song.

I really recommend this song. Please listen to this T^T

This song really touched my heart. This anime emphasize one of the role of music in our life and how we can affect each other through song.

This doesn't have too much wild scenes. This really evolved with the characters development.

On how they can express themselves, how they can communicate, how to be sensitive with your friends, and many more.

Given only have 13 episodes if I remember it right. It has one movie and ova too, I also recommend those.

After I watched this, I wanna learn guitar hahahahahhahahaha.

It's fun to share things I like sometimes💙

Despite this being about boy's love. I think it's more beautiful than those girl and boy relationship which is toxic.

If you all have any recommendation of anime or manga Bl or not please recommend some for me.

I want something that has less intimate scenes and more on pure and innocent love.

Kinda help this single have some fun hhahahaha thank youu.

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Written by   47
3 months ago
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So nice that you watched this kind of genre. I actually haven't seen any of this kind, so I don't have any idea about what can I recommend. But I'm okay with this love story, as long as it's pure:)

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3 months ago

how about demon slayer?

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3 months ago

Ohh I like that too but I stopped when there's no update anymore before. I'm at the scene where Tanjiro became a demon if Im not wrong. I'll continue this after I finish One Piece. I like Zenitsu here hahhahahah

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3 months ago

I do understand the same-sex relationship and you are right, sometimes a boy-girl relationship is just toxic full of dramas and sh...t Sorry for my french.

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3 months ago