Genuine Love Never Fades

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Falling In Love Feels The Happiest yet Can Also Be The Deadliest

When I say deadly I mean that it can kill you inside.

However, imagine finally being with someone who consistently treats you right.

When you don't always have to say the words and give constant reminder.

When bare minimum isn't lacking.

When it's healthy and you both won't mind if its boring because first of all, having each other even without doing anything is already fulfilling.

When there's no too much love because you won't be too much to the right one.

When it's not just feeling lucky but feeling blessed.

When they'll never get tired hearing your off tune singing

When they never make fun of your insecurities

When we're constantly assured that we're handsome and beautiful because you can really see how much they adore you

When they got the same excitement to see you the same way they had at first

When in every emotion they have the respect is maintained as well as the faithfulness

When you both pull each other up

When words align with actions

The list goes on and on as we fall in love again and again with the same person.

If you lose this kind of person then that person will forever love you but she'll love someone more than she love you... that's what happens as I experience.

Things I Wanna Do With My Future Lover

I wanna sing Enchanted and Sparks Fly with him. I wanna sing style and he'll sing perfect. I wanna sing with him as we mean the songs we wanna say to each other.

Dancing in the kitchen. Cooking and baking with him.

Travelling with him

Recreating iconic Tangled scene.

Going to each other's favorite band, artist, singer concert

Watch anime with me

Invest with me

Giving each other "***" flower. It's a secret since I asked this certain flower as a sign so I won't tell here just to be safe hahahaah.

I wanna play sports with him

Camp fire

I have so many things I wanna do but I still don't want a boyfriend now ahhahaha. I'm fine if I'll just be a rich single tita.

It's better to be alone than to settle for less

Settling for less makes you lose yourself

Stay with your standards. Be fine. You'll know if you're asking for the impossible anyway.

Build your career, invest with yourself. It'll be better to stop yourself getting into toxic relationship than leaving one.

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Yeahh exactly, reading this articles make a sense to me. If you are not happy or feel out of love then you broke up with him/her not that time will come you will be the one who cheated.

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1 year ago

I totally agree, if you see it as toxic then better leave right away or do not get into that relationship.

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1 year ago