Guns Don't Kill People.

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Guns don't kill people. People kill people." I'm not going to offend anyone, but to be honest with you, this article will sound a little harsh because I'm sure this article will be frank about issues of arms and rights. 

 The world is a free land. Well, that is by design. But as the year 2021 passes, our freedom is getting less and less, and I think this is killing us as nations of the continent. Initially, we had the right to carry weapons (weapons, firearms, etc.). However, at current rates, the freedom to carry weapons will be deprived in the near future.

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 Still confused? See, weapons don't take lives. People are taking other people's lives, and they're taking my mind too! The attack is an action, not a means. 

 I don't have a pistol (except the vintage BB pistol I inherited from my grandfather!); lol, I'm just kidding. So I'm not pushing along to protect a collection of weapons I don't have. But I still have free speech (I wonder how long this will last). So I want to use this freedom to encourage others to uphold some of our other freedoms. 

 Firearms control and free control are separate. Think about it. How many thieves and murderers buy guns from local gun stores? How nice would it be to continue to impose stronger restrictions on gun stores and ordinary citizens buying from local gun stores? If the "bad guy" wants a gun, no matter what laws are in effect, they will continue to get guns as they do's illegal. Like drugs, it's all done on the black market. The problem is that once you start increasing the number of black market gun deals, the kill rate increases. Have you ever heard of drug trade failures? What if the arms trade fails? 

 I'm not saying that everyone should have guns. The deprivation of the liberties of ordinary citizens will only make the situation worse. Taking freedom from the public doesn't help anyone. This goes back to not treating the symptoms incorrectly as the problem gets worse. The short answer is that the world needs government reform, not social reform. 

 Those who continue to believe that the government will solve all your problems and that the government is responsible for everything are essentially suicidal. You don't know what's good for you anymore because you let the government say what it thinks is good for you, and now you can't think for yourself. 

 Let me give you an example that may seem odd. But if you have more control over your thoughts, it may not make any sense! 

 If the world sees weapons as a means of killing and decides to ban them,  what is the next logical course of action? Killers have started buying weapons on the black market, but the problem is only getting worse as knives are now more often used as a killing weapon. I think we should outlaw knives, including butter knives (which students haven't been able to use in the canteen for years)... but, the last time I checked, a pen was much more dangerous than a plastic butter knife. In any case, you will soon no longer be able to own a knife, a saw, an axe, a shovel, a pen, and even a pencil. Soon it will be illegal to own anything. Because you see, no matter what you take away from people, the one thing they still have is the freedom to act. In the end, all we were left with was the body. Anyone who wants to kill will kill no matter what the weapon is. Then the killer will start to strangle people with his hand. The only solution is to start cutting everyone's hands. But we don't have a knife or a saw to cut it, so what should we do? 

 I said that allowing a murderer to kill is freedom of action. Is it now proposed to deprive people of freedom of choice, action, and movement? Any clever psychologist out there will tell you that this is our decision. 

  I suggest that you stop what the current judicial system is doing. They take freedom from innocent people and give it to criminals. Admit it, this is motivation. What's the bigger motivator for me to start a business in the my country when the taxes are outrageous, the paperwork is endless,  and the legal process is a twisted web that will get you no matter what you do.

 We literally motivate murder and a felony in a certain number of people in many countries. They are much better in prison than on the street. They enjoy more freedom and luxury in prison than the most famous orphanages. Many of these offenders live in poverty, in shelters or subsidized families. So our countries does one of two things that are destructive to our economy, our freedom, our integrity, and society as a whole. There are two options. Offer free money and food (Social Security) or better luxury in the prison system.

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 Back to motivation. Stop motivating criminals in your country. I believe most of you will not believe that we are doing something as stupid as a society. Well, look around. These countries are doing a lot of stupid things, from killing millions of unborn babies by legalizing abortion as a pro-choice to making God inconsequential in our educational systems. (If you don't think taking prayer out of school had a negative impact, look at our society's decline after these laws were passed, Then go with them. 

Why are we giving some lady millions of dollars when she spills coffee on herself? See how crazy lawsuits have grown since then! Our judicial system needs a major overhaul. Instead of slapping people on their wrists or put them in a livable place with cable TV, the gym, three hot meals, and a break, let's put them in a messy little cell... Let's cut off the hands of the thief, rather than the hands of the innocent to prevent thieving. Let's encourage criminals to STOP committing crimes and not do the opposite. 

 Give me the right to protect myself and my family from criminals instead of giving criminals the power to kill me, and me sueing my family because the criminal left the crime scene and got me injured. Do you think this doesn't happen? You may need to look closely at court records. They happen all the time! 

 Wake up! read.cashians , you are suicidal. 

 Everything is on the floor! 

 If the weapon causes a crime,

Then Pencils causes spelling errors. 

 If you do not know your rights, 

 You don't have them.

 Knowing weapons is knowing peace and security. 

 No weapons, no peace, no security. 

 You don't shoot to kill. 

 You shoot to survive. 

You have only the rights you are willing to fight for.

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Guns don't kill people the same way pencils don't write nonsense but the writers do.

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Haa yeah, and maybe the writers don't commit more murders as the objectors

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