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Why being a Celebrity in Korea is Dangerous than you expected?

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6 months ago

Since the year when Korean Dramas became trend in all around the world, Korean Pop or known as K-Pop became trending as well. It is because the audiences of the K-dramas became addicted, they research about Korean Country and that is the begining when they discover K-Pop too.

Are you a Fan of Korean drama and Korean Pop musics too? If yes, you will Read this Article. It no, You can start to try watching Korean Drama and hear some musics of K-pop in Spotify and Youtube I recommend you to stream Love Sick Girls By BlackPink and Dynamite by Bangtansonyeondan.

In this article we will going to talk about the following topics:

Part 1: HOW to be Kpop Idol?

Do you know that employees in every Music Entertainments in Korea are the one who are searching some teens that are Talented and has a Visual look? Some of the artists in Kpop that are successful now is just recruited by the employees of their agencies before.

They are going in different places where they can find some suitable teens esp. to some near schools and if they find someone who are suitable in their taste, they will give their agency cards and it is the someone they pick choice if they will accept the opportunity or not.

After that, if they will accept that opportunity it is not that easy because they will train first by the mentors of vocal, dancing, and anything that will learn them to be a Artist. It takes them some years to debut because they will make sure by the CEO first if they will really ready and good in being a Artist. Some of the artists in Kpop trained for almost 5 to 10 years, it is depends when all of the members are ready to debut or not. The others are done in training, while they the others are still un progress or some members will also has a problem and they left in agency and or they will find another and replace the members who left and sometimes the agency will make some program so that they can choose properly some members of the group that they will formed. So it really takes time to make a debut.

It is not problem if you are just handsome or beautiful and you didn't know or you don't have some talents in singing, dancing, and rapping. You can take some Training and they will train and help you if you are really like that opportunity.

If you have your talent in singing, dancing, rapping, and acting, you cannot just enter or become artist in a Company's card and from their employees, You will become an artist if you can also take some Audition. You can also enter their Building and you can also say to them that you want or like to take audition to become their artist and if you will qualified or they like, and you are lucky. You can start your training.

Being a student is not also an excuse. You can be a Kpop Idol in Korea while you are studying. In Korea, I noticed that some of the Idols who are Maknae or in english, most younger in their Group are still studying in Secondary High School when they are debuted. Their classmates and other people around them doesn't care or they didn't consider them as other people. Even if they became an artists and popular, they will still consider them as their batch/classmate and it will never change. Sometimes they will support them when they will have a Music Video, promotions, and Comeback.

However, not all of the people who pick by their agency's employees are becoming successful. Sometimes, the others can have a chance to be disqualified due to lack of learning and the CEO in their Company are not satisfied to them.

Part 2: Life of being KPOP idol in Korean Industry

If you are a Fan of Kpop, Do you notice all of these things that I mentioned in this part?

Being a Kpop Idol in every Korean Industry is have a 50/50 feelings. If you will think that All of What every Idols in Korea are Experiencing right in front of you, I will tell you that you are wrong.

Korean Idols are smiling in front of their fans everytime they see their Fans everywhere. However, not all of the artists in every entertainment treats nice. You can never realized that every idols in Kpop Industry has their own difficulties in living as a famous.

If they are dreaming to become a singer, Rapper, dancer and they would love the stage. They feel blessed because their dreams became true. However, they will encounter some different situations after they debuted and until now Because:

  • Their Agencies didn't treat them right- if you notice that some of the under-rated Korean Artists in every NOT famous agency, you can find that they treat their artists unfair and disrespectful.

    1. Some of the other Kpop Groups are not have a successful and they experience improper promotion of their groups activities. Like they will just have a one to two comebacks every year.

    2. They are biased in every members of the group. Some agencies are buying some nice clothes in their artists and it is depends in How they look and how they famous. In short, they have a favoritism. If the member are so famous in every fans they will treat them better, better than the other members that didn't mentioned or liked by many.

      • They will just spend a little costs in their clothes in every Music videos.

      • They will just give them a little and small lines in every songs and in a result, they will not show more their talents in their fans.

      • They will just always makes them in a back of in every position in their Dance.

    3. They are sexually assaulted and they are controled by their own agencies. Yes you read it right, not famous agencies are treating their girls not right.

      • Like they will make their artists wear an uncomfortable clothes.

      • In filming, they are always focusing in their artists legs.

      • They are controled by their own CEO and managers like they cannot do anything that they want and likes.

  • Korean news Platforms always making or spreading some False news- in korea, Some of the reporters and Korwan news entertainments and platforms always making some false rumors against artists which can lead their artists depression and can caused trouble to their fans. In korea, they are good at questioning some artists that not necessary, un-appropriate, and disrespectful questions to the artists. Because sometimes, there are some Entertainment or Company in Korea that paiding some reporters to leak or spread some rumors againsts to those successful Korean Artists or Companies to destroy them and making them fall however, some of that are didn't became successful because artists are more geniuses than those punks.

  • Saesaeng Fans are destroying Artists Lifes - one of the most I hated in being a fan of Korean Idols are I heared some false rumors from saesaeng fans. Saesaeng fans are those not really fans of some artists but they are always stalking the artists everywhere. They also destroying the artists life by exposing some of the private lifes of the artists. It is really difficult to have some of that disrespectful and disgusting people because the other artists that destroyed by those saesaengs are leaving their agencies and groups for a better which is making us sad.

  • They Encounter some disgusting fans- in every concert, some fans that are near them trowing some un appropiate things in their stage that sometimes, the artists are hurt because they are hitting them in the face and head. Esp. to some girls who are throwing their own undergarmens in to them. Not just in every concert but, there are some fans who are have some favoritism. Like they didn't respect the other members and just focusing in some artists that they just like. One of my example is in Fan meeting of every Kpop group where some of the kpop members didn't have some many gifts in their boxes behind them while the other members is have so many. Plus, they are just entertaining them in a boring and not appreciating their efforts.

  • They Encounter some Bashers and they Read some mean and disrespectful Comments- this is one of the most saddest thing that every Korean idols always covering their reactions and feelings. Like I said, their are some many fans that has a favoritism. Esp when you are not famous and they didn't focusing in your talents and they are just focus into your looks. Because in this generation, many people are basis in the faces and not in talents. Some of the mean example of this is doing some idols V-Live: Doing some solo Live broadcasting, they are always searching or looking for the other favorite members. Telling some hateful comments in the comments like seeing that they are ugly, they didn't like this and that and so on. Which can also be a reason why they commit suicide. Because they always take that into their minds and hearts. If you heared the news about Shinee, they lost their one member.

Part 3: Their Agencies are strict

If you will become an Kpop Idol in Korea, you cannot live just like what you are living in your past. You will controlled by your own agency and it will make you chocked everytime. Because in being an Artists in Korea, You will have some rules that you will obey to take care of your career and your Agency

Some of the You cannot Do in being a Artists are these Following:

  1. You cannot Have your own Social media Account in Public- if you notice many Kpop groups didn't have their own SNS accounts. They are connected and using only one Social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. They can just post and share their own Photos and videos in that account. However, I am sure that they have their own social media Accounts PRIVATELY where they can check some comments and they can read some reactions of their fans because they cannot use their group sns account in the same time and it is just in a short period of time. But, some of the other famous Kpop Artists has their own social media account. Because it is depends in Their agency and companies or it is also in a deal of the artists to stay in the Company where they at because some of the other artists talents are expensive and cannot find to other people. One of my example is the BLACKPINK korean Group. They can have their Own social media accounts and they can do anything they want except for;

  2. Dating is Banned- In Korea, it is different in our countries. Because, if our artists in out country can do anything they want like they can date, marry and start and build their own family while they are still artists, in Korea it is opposite of what we have. Because Dating is banned in their Agencies, they cannot date unless your agency will approve you to date someone. Because they are protecting your career. Because they know that there are have some many immature fans that they can leave fandoms when they knows that their artists is in a relationship. There are some toxic fans that acting being possessive to them even if they didn't own them. So, the artists didn't have a choice but to date secretly and they are just doing some eye contacts, small gestures, buying and wearing some same outfits everywhere, posting some photos in a same dates or after 1 day that can proved that they are dating and they love each other. It is sad that they cannot do anything and they look like bird in a jail and cannot spread their wings and be free.

  3. Interact with other Idols is Prohibited- It is obvious that this can caused to destroy their career. They cannot interact with other idols esp. to girls and boys Kpop Groups. Because this will can caused damage of their career due to many cameras around them esp. when some fans can also good st making their own story and delulu in their Idols if they enteract with other idols. Esp. to those countries that are good at making issues. So it is prohibited to react into other Idols in a Normal ways. Esp. when the camers is spot into you they can react in a careful way like just smile a little or enjoying the beat seriously. Except when it is writen in your Kpop Profile that you are friend with someone and audiences are aware of that and or it is for an important show and works.

Being an Idol is a day dream of everyone. Esp when you can experience a life that it is just in your dream and it is your ambitions in your life because you love what you do in stage. However, being an Idol is really hard esp. when you will successful. You will do many promotions, you will do rehearsal of your performance, you will practice in hours, you cannot sleep properly, you will compose some songs and music beats, you will perform in many shows, you will dance and sing and you need to memorize them all. It is one of the most hardest work however despite of being an idol, you will feel loved by many people around you. You will recieve hates but it is not necessary because you think that you do your best and you are doing your best and there are still some people who are supporting you.


I also dreamed to fly in Korea and audition in one of the company that I like however, well my voice and body is not approved to that maybe it will make you become like this:

GIF from Google

Okay so Thank you For Reading I hope that You will like this topic today.


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Written by   321
6 months ago
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Korea is very dangerous place because everybody can end in sushi recipe. "good"- SirPotato

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6 months ago


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6 months ago

Naku katakot takot na training ang ginagawa ng iba jan, may iba 10 years pa nagtetrain. Kaso once na magka scandal ka nga yari ang career no, kahit pa magaling ka bibitawan din sila ng agency nila. Sa kora ang dami ng artist na nagsuicide ee, nakakalungkot namana talaga.

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6 months ago

Pede naman sila mag interact sa ibang idols..

Mga sasaengs ang dapat ng mawala.. hahaha..

Sorry di ako informed sa blackpink.. di kz ako maka BP hehehe..

Hirap sa Korean fans.. kawawa mga idols nila.. lalo na ngaun c Chen ng EXO .. dami ng babash sknya sa social media.. mga fans nya noon.. naging anti-fans na nya ngaun dahil lang sa nagpakasal at nagkaroon na xa ng anak..

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6 months ago

tsaka grabe din yunv mga tao dun sa korea kapag celebrity ka naku kunting mali bash..hahhaa at kapag nascandal ka ita either bibitawan ka ng agency mo or wala ng kukuha sayo. tsaka bago ka maging celebrity dun ang daming training,hindi tulad dito sa pinas kapag nagtrending ka nga lang artista kana..😂😂

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6 months ago

Totoo yan. Nakakainis din yung mga ibang agency don kasi ginagamit lang din naman nila yung mga artists nila para lang kumita ng pera. Ang higpit higpit pa man din nila sakanila buti pa Bighit 🤣 nakooo

Hahahaha Oo kukunin kana kaagad at mapapalabas sa Tv 🤣

$ 0.00
User's avatar Reo
6 months ago

Pera pera din kasi ang labanan dun sa korea,kaya mas lalo ka nilang pinapanabik sa mga tao dun kaya bawal ak talagang maglalabs at magkaroon ng scandal o issue kasi mababawasan value mo hindi na sila kikita..😂😂kaya panget magartista sa korea dito sa pilipinas kahit anong itsura mo basta trending ka pak na pak ka..palabas ka kaagad sa kmjs..😁😁

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6 months ago