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The Difference between Philippines and Japanese flood

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6 months ago

Flooding is one of the disaster in each places of countries. It is the effect of Typhoons and other disasters that might lead to flood.

What is Flood?

Flood is an overflow of water onto land that is normally dry. Floods can happen almost anywhere. They can cover an area with just a few inches of water or they can bring enough water to cover the roof of a house. Floods can be dangerous for communities, lasting days, weeks or sometimes even longer.

Many different situations can cause a flood. Here are just a few:

  • Heavy rainfall

  • Ocean waves coming on shore, such as a storm surge

  • Melting snow and ice, as well as ice jams

  • Dams or levees breaking

What Places can be affected by Floods?

One of the most dangerous place that can be affected by flood is the Houses near the rivers, Urban areas (areas near cities) are also at higher risk for floods because rooftops funnel rainfall to the ground below, and paved surfaces such as highways and parking lots prevent the ground from absorbing the rain.

Mountains or steep hills can increase an area's flood risk, too. Rain or snowmelt running down a mountain can cause streams and rivers to rise quickly. In fact, if a thunderstorm lingers over a mountain, a creek only 6 inches deep can swell to a 10-foot-deep river in less than an hour.

What is a flash flood?

Flash floods are very dangerous floods that can happen with little or no warning. When there is more rain than the soil can absorb, the excess water quickly runs into rivers and creeks, overwhelming storm drains and ditches and causing a flash flood.

Flash floods can cause water to rise significantly in a short amount of time.

Now, Can we Compare the Two Country (Japan and Philippines) Flood in every disaster?


The Philippines, Flood in every areas in every disaster is very different in Japan. Because Floods in the Philippine is more dirty and dangerous.

Photo from Google

Some of the places that are always affected by the Flood in our country is the Places that are didn't have a proper cleaning and lack of discipline of the neighbours who are living in the places that are always affected by flood. Because, everytime that we have some flood in our country, there are a lot of trashes everywhere it is the cause of not having a proper cleaning of places esp. the rivers and canals and of course the Houses that are not in a proper build like the houses that made with non-cement equipments.

It is also always has a Flash flood in some areas that are high at risk places like in the mountain. Because there are some people who are living in the top of the mountains too and this is the cause while there are some people who are dying because they didn't listen in government warning while and during the disaster, because they didn't like to migrate in a safe area because they didn't like to leave their houses and things that they always need to survive in living.


While in Japan Country, it is very different. If our country has a many people lack od discipline in Japan, they are well disciplined. I found out to others that they are clean in their sorroundings. There are no trashes in everywhere places.

So sometimes flooding in their areas and the water are clean in the eyes.

Photo from Facebook

This is the Japan flood. I saw it in facebook post

Photo from Facebook

I am very amazed by the flood of japan. Because the water is look so clean in the eyes. However, I can also tell that the water is dirty because of their canals, so I can tell that it is still dirty. It is just clean in our eyes compared it to our flood in our country, the water is brown colored but it is still not clean.

Japan is also experience a brown colored water of flood it is depends in how the disaster's power to destroy some places.

Japan is easy to have some flood because they didn't has many trees that can protect some neighbours and places. Because we all know that Japan has a lot of houses and buildings that trees every where.

Compare to our Country, Philippines. We are also experience floods in every places that are lack of trees too. Like some places in Manila. They are always the most affected places when there are some disasters.

While we have some many trees in provinces so we are not very affected in disasters like typhoons because we has a lot of mountains, trees, and plants in our place. However, it is still depends in the power of disasters in how they can destroy some places and things because sometimes, Typhoons can also destroy province places because of the strong Wind and can cause of some damage in houses roofs and tree falling.

What are the Difference of the Two Countries?

It didn't has a lot of difference of the two country about flooding. Maybe the disciplines of people in the two country in how they take care their places and the water sometimes in every flooding. But they has no difference in how it can affect in every places and people because flood is flood it is very dangerous and can cause many people lives in danger.

What can we do to avoid Flood?

  • Plant some trees- this is the most that we always need to avoid floods in our areas because trees can protect us in floods because they absorbed waters in every rain drops that can cause floods in our areas.

  • Always clean the sorroundings and protect the mother nature- minings can also cause a dangerous effect in every disasters. It can also make our lives more dangerous specially when the people are near in minings and we should better stop the people who are cutting trees because it is also one of the cause and effect of floods in our areas because if they cut the trees there are no trees that can protect us from floods. We should also always clean our sorroundings it is part of taking care of our places

That is just the basic things that we should always do to avoid floods.

I advice to the people who are always living in a high risk areas of flash floods that they should move to the place that can be safe to live. They should not think about their place and they should take care and think of their lives.

And if we are experienced some disasters we should always remember the important things that we needed like the things that we always watched in TVs and advices of our Government.

Thank you for reading my article please Pray for Japan and Vietnam let's help them by our prayers.

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Written by   321
6 months ago
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Grabi ha, madumi din yan dear, kaso malinis lang talaga kapakigiran nila kaya ganyan. Satin kasi, tapon dito tapon doon 🤦, well guilty din naman ako sa ganyan I admit pero, minsan lang, nahihiya ako mag tapon sa daan lalo na madami tao, yung kalat ko lakagay ko lang sa plastic saka tapon sa bahay.

And planting trees seriously is very important, if you cut it then replace it. Lalo na yung mga nag eelegal logging, tsk tsk. Wala din kasing disiplina ang tao minsan 🤦

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6 months ago

Kaya nga dear eh anlinis sa japan kaso marumi din naman un. Malinis lamg talaga tignan ung tubig.

Oo dear maraming ganyan kaya pumapanget na ang mga ibang lugar na may mga puno pero puro putol na. 🥺 Kaya siguro tayo namamalas tsaka dina umuunlad

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User's avatar Reo
6 months ago

Oo dear, pero atleast namam di nakakadiri na lumusong if ever likikas ka.

Totoo, ang ganda ganda pag madaming puno. Sarap tambayan kasi mahangin. Tapos ung iba , di manlang pinapalitan, napaka ano naman talaga 🤦

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6 months ago