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Netflix Series: The 'Sweet Home' and 'Alice in Borderland' reaction

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3 months ago

Are you a fan of Horror, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Survival genre of Movies? Then you can try to read this Article! Because this is all about the two new Movies of 2020, based in the Webtoon and aired in Netflix.

Did you done watching Alice in Borderland and Sweet Home? If you are still watching it, don't Read my article and focus to watch the series first and comeback if you done watching it to avoid spoilers!

Okay so Here we go!

First I would like to talk with you about Alice in Borderland.

Alice in Borderland Netflix Photo from Google

Alice in Borderland is a Japanese science-fiction suspense and thriller genre of Drama TV series and it is based from manga of the same name of Haro Aso and it Aired the episodes in Netflix (but you can also watch it in Facebook and other platforms that posting Movies/Dramas).

Alice in Borderland is very the best for me not just because my favorite Japanese actor, Kento Yamazaki's role will be the Lead of this movie but because I really like to watch some movies that have the same genres like this.

Reasons Why I Like Alice in Borderland?

  1. I feel the Same vibes of Death Note

    At First Episode, I think that this will be boring because it's like Death Note. Because when I watch the trailer, this is giving a feeling like when you watch the Death Note (If you still didn't watch the Death Note search it and watch it first before jump in Alice in Borderland. (They didn't have the same story line but I recommend you to watch it too because it is so good to watch too especially at night).

  2. Famous Character lines that make us Relate

    This is also one of the reason why I stan Webtoons, Manga, Anime because the writters are giving us some lessons by the life of each characters in the story. Which is making us feel relate to it.

  3. Story Lines that make us feel different Emotions

    Not just brutal scenes can be watch but because of the roles and missions of the each characters in the story. It is making us feel different kind of emotions in each episodes. Which is very nice because 'I realized that in every bad things that always happens, there are stories behind why it need to be happened'.

Another one movie that I watched is the Sweet Home. This is the first Netflix Series that Korean performed which is makes me feel amazed watching it because I can't believe that this Movie is very interesting.

Sweet Home Photo from Facebook

Sweet Home is not a little different from Alice in borderland because they have the same kind of role of scenes but in a different kind of way. It is also make me feel the same kind of feelings in Alice in borderland.

Reasons why I like Sweet Home?

  1. The Director is very skilled and talented of making this movie which is very nice because I didn't expect that they can make this kind of movie-Very real (If you watch Sweet home, you will know what I mean.) the Monsters, the City Views of the location, all of what happened in this movie feel like I am in the scene too (I didn't imagine myself before being in the scene of this kind of movie lol , only in Sweet home).

  2. The Story is Relatable

    Just like what is happening in our situation right now, Sweet home is not a little different from our situation. Because if our Situation right now is about the Corona Virus, The Situation in Sweet home is also a Disaster of getting an ill of becoming a Monster. Because people in Sweet Home turning out to be a Monster if they will infected by the disease of others but it turn out that it is a Cursed which is much worst than in Corona Virus because no one will survive in that kind of situation even some nurses and other Government officials will infect in that kind of situaton.

  3. The Characters are very talented in acting

    I didn't know that Korea can act their roles. They are not bad at acting which can caught some viewers. They act their roles very well which is very difficult to act scene this kind of genre is very difficult to Film. Honestly, I didn't thought that they can film this kind of Movie like how many Days, months, or time they need to Act and film this kind of movie? Because for me, this is the most beautiful Netflix Series that I watch in the end of 2020.

Sweet Home or Alice in Borderland, Which is the Most Best for me?

They are have the same similarities in what they are like to conve to their audiences. The both stories in the both movie is aiming the same goal to everyone in a different way so I don't think that I can choose one of the best.

If we are going to talk about the view of each Movie, Character's Role or act, and Story line, the both movie also have same impact to me. Since they are both have a relatable story line that can be put to the audience life and or self-experiences.

But if we will talk scariest/brutal things that happened in the movie, like i said, the both Movie series is have the same kind of role scenes but in a different kind of way the Alice in Borderland is have a br*tality of k*ll*ng human to human while the Sweet Home is Human turning to Monster and k*ll*ng Human. I bet Sweet home is the most scariest because it have a possibility that it will happened to this world but We Don't Know in the future.

What Episode Scene in Alice in Borderland and Sweet Home is My favorite?

For me, In Alice in Borderland is the Episode 3: True Friends in this scene I can also relate to them. Because it is about Death and the life of your Friends will depend in the game and only one person can be successful so it is need to sacrifice life. If I have a chance to be in that position, I will also sacrifice my life just to save my friend. I don't like to be selfish especially when that friend is very special to me and this episode is very sad because Arisu's friends sacrifice their life so that he can continue to live.

While in Sweet Home is the Episode scene when the Lady that lost her Child is infected but still continue to think about the life of the children that Hyunsu saved. Before she become monster, she cooked some foods for them and also make a scarf for the both kids and lock herself in the bathroom so that she can't harm them and another Episode scene that I like the most is when Yoon Jisu play the guitar and it is giving me a saddest expression in that scene like that will be the last moment that she will play a guitar because they didn't know if when or what will happen next and tthey are not sure if they will die in that moment because their life will depend since the illness is very dangerous and they will infect in anytime and they didn't know if the people around them is safe.

If I will be in that Movie: In Alice in borderland or Sweet home?

If I will Choose Sweet Home, It is not my thing since I am scared like a Cat even if the monsters are not true and just an Edit, I am still scared of them and I can't watch myself being in that Movie but If the director will choose me to be in that movie well maybe I will be the Dog of the one of the Tenant and just Bark.

While in Alice in Borderland is not also my thing. I am not genius just like Arisu maybe if I am in the Movie, It is just the start of the game but I already died because I don't know what to do. But If the director will give me a chance to be in that Movie, I will choose the character that will be with Arisu in the end. Because Kento Yamazaki is my Crush (Sorry I'm so very flirt to my Kento). Char

So this is the end of the discussion about the new two Movie Series in Netflix. If you didn't still watch them and you already spoiled, It is not my fault since in the beginning of this article, I already warned you and to those People who done watching them, You can comment and express your thoughts about the movies.

Thank you for your time reading to my Article! I'm Back again to Read Cash. Belated Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New year to us!

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Written by   321
3 months ago
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Natapos ko na tong dalawang to, and i really love them. Lalo na yun sweet home, parang pinagsamang resident evil and world war z. Nakakabitin lang, tapos balita ko sa 2022 pa ang season 2..tagal!

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3 months ago

Kaya nga eh, Paasa kapag sa Korea haha sasabihin may Season 2 pero umabot na ilang taon wala paren gaya sa Scarlet heart Ryeo lol

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User's avatar Reo
3 months ago

Hala reo, bakit nakahidden yun comment mo..

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3 months ago