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My Favorite Episodes in Mushishi: Zoku Shou (Sequel)

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4 days ago
Topics: Anime

Mushishi: Zoku Shou or Mushishi: Next Passage is the second season of Mushishi. I already made an article about my favorite episode in Season 1 and you can read it Here.

Another thing that I like about Mushishi is the consistency of the art style. You won't believe that this is a 7 years apart from the first season but the art quality and style still remained. It is a very good news for me since I love the art of season 1. The character design and background feels really similar. And for this article I'm going to share my favorite episode for second season. These stories are very beautiful thats why I really recommend this to everyone.

Beneath the Snow

Episode 3

A very cold story of a young man infected by a Mushi that eats the warmth of the body. He also lost his sister from an accident in the frozen lake. By guilt and feeling responsible for his sister's death, his heart becomes colder as his body. Will he regain the warmth of life? That's what you need to find out. How will Ginko solve this problem and what adventure will awaits him.

The Hand That Caresses the Night

Episode 4

I love this episode for its dark theme. What will happen if the hunter become the hunted? Its a story of a man who hunts with the power of mushi in his hands. Just like any natural circumstances, it also comes with a price. The meat that they got didn't sell that much because of the foul odor. Despite of this the man didn't stop hunting and before he knew it, hunting becomes just a hobby for him. He continue slaughtering animals until the tide reverse. With the help of Ginko, will he be saved and his hand be cured from mushi?

Floral Delusion

Episode 6

This episode is beautiful and dark at the same time. Ginko met a woman who lost all of her five senses. And whats more mind boggling, she aged 80 yet her beauty is still on her youth. What would her connection be to the almost withered cherry blossom tree. And how will Ginko solve this mysteries especially the true identity of the woman.

Valley of the Welling Tides

Episode 9

In this episode, Ginko found himself in a valley after he passed out from the cave during a snowfall. He can't believe his eyes as he saw a very prosperous land despite of the snow covering outside of the valley. Ginko find it odd and he believes that there must be a price to pay. As he investigate he saw the father of the family who took him, tilling the field non stop since he was a child. And at that time he confirmed that it is the work of Mushi. How will he solve the problem knowing that the prosperity of land will vanish and the life of family will be ruined?

Fragrant Darkness

Episode 14

My favorite from this season and my second favorite from the whole series. If you want a better love story, then this episode will suit to your liking. I will not reveal the plot of this episode because I really want you to watch this episode (its hard to explain anyway so nevermind). Beautiful story from a bittersweet couple. Truely this episode itself can take down any masterpiece anime. The voice acting and narration of the story is awesome. The only thing I can say about this episode is PERFECT.

Lingering Crimson

Episode 15

Now this is my third favorite episode for this series. The story one thing you can't forget because of how good it was. A story of an old woman with no memories from her childhood. She just mysteriously appeared in a village after a child with the same age as her gone missing. What is her connection to the missing child? This episode is a must watch because of its beautiful story.

Thread of Light

Episode 17

The story of a boy who seeks mother's love as he is getting bullied for his unnatural strength. This episode brings a different kind of story. I really love the part where he interprets the kimono, where he believes came from his mother looks like an angel. The sadness, grief and love from this episode burst into a warm feeling that captivate my heart for this episode.

Sea of Otherworldly Stars

Episode 18

The message of family connection are still there even if you are very far from them. This story is lovely and the message is really clear. It is a story of a girl living in a house alone surrounded by an eternal night time. Later she met Ginko and learned that she's the lost daughter of a family and they are waiting for her on the other side. A simple yet beautiful episode.

Lightning's End

Episode 20

Another story of a child seeking mother's love. He is an unwanted child because his mother married to man whom she never love. It all happened when his mother tied him in a tree and accidentally a lightning struck him. He survived but he's infected with a mushi that attracts lightning. His mother believed that he did all of this to spite her and make her feel guilty. But is that really the intention of the child? With the help of Ginko they will try to solve this problem.

Mud Grass

Episode 21

I warn you that this episode is very disturbing. I don't know what phobia it is called but believe me you will feel unease. I will still put this one since it is a very interesting story. A town is suffering from a mysterious skin disease which they believed that cause from the dead that come back from the mountain. Ironically It is a very beautiful story of betrayal and forgiveness. And ultimately karma.

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Im so glad that I've finally finished this 2 part article about this anime. The adventure of Ginko still continues in my heart and the story from every episode will remain in my memories. This anime masterpiece will be forever be my favorite and I still hope that I can see them again in the future.

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Written by   89
4 days ago
Topics: Anime
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