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Taste of life

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7 months ago

This story is for people who try to run away from them rather than add color to their colorless relationships, and many times we're too late to understand whether it's more right to have new relationships or to add color to old relationships. It must be decided by you, but it may not be that you cannot decide on a time, and the hands are left empty forever in this delay.

We keep cheating even when life is cheating us, and when reason makes a return ticket, we have lost a lot. It was early this morning, as usual, her whole focus was on decorating plates while eating, and my eyes were fixed on her face. I held her hand with joy and she was shocked.

"I want to say an important thing to you." After much courage, she finally came out of my mouth, sat quietly in a chair, her eyes focused on the table, but the rising from them felt well in pain, my tongue was locked for a bridge, but it was very important to tell what was going on in my mind, "I want to divorce you... " My eyes bowed.

Contrary to my hope, he did not express any surprise or anxiety, just asked so softly... "Why?"I ignored his question. He had this attitude of mine. She threw a spoon in her hand on the floor and started shouting, saying, "You are not a man. "We didn't talk to each other all night, '' she cried. I knew it was important for her to know what had happened to our marriage after all. I had no satisfactory answer to give, what would tell him that someone else had replaced him in my heart, now I had no love for him, I was sorry for it and there was a regret, but now it was necessary to stick to the decision I had made.

Before submitting the divorce papers to the court, I stopped a copy of it which said that she could own 30% of the house, car, and my business after divorce, ran a look at the papers and threw it to the ground the next moment, The woman I told ten years of my life with became a stranger in a bridge. I was sorry that he had wasted his precious emotions and precious moments on me, but what I would do was that someone else had filled my heart to such an extent that the idea of losing it was impossible for me.

Finally, she broke down and was shattered in front of me. A sea of tears came to his eyes. Perhaps that was what I wanted to see after this divorce, The next day, with my new love, when I arrived home tired, she was busy writing something on the table, I didn't pay any attention to it and fell asleep on the bed as soon as I left, she was still writing something late at night when my eyes opened, I still didn't question him, ......

When I woke up in the morning, he placed some divorce terms before me. He didn't want any of my wealth and property. She just wanted to be with me for another month. In this one month, we had to live like a good husband and wife. The main reason for this condition was our son, who was about to undergo examinations within a few days. The divorce of his parents would not have a bad effect on his education, so I was ready to accept his condition, ...... His second and foolish condition was that I would wake him up in my arms every morning and leave him at the door of the house. As I used to in the early days of marriage. When she started going out to work, I would pick her up in my own body and leave her at the door. Although I was not ready to accept this, it didn't seem appropriate to break his heart in those last days, so I accepted this condition.

When I mentioned his terms with my new love, she laughed, "No matter what he does, he has to divorce one day or the other."My wife and I did not mention this to anyone else orce case. As a condition, when I had to leave it at the door on the first day, those moments were strange for us. Hesitantly, I picked it up and he closed his eyes too. So a buzz of applause echoed in the ears of both of us, "Papa has picked up Mummy. Hahaha" our son was swaying in joy.

His words caused a pain in my heart and

His words caused pain in my heart, and my wife's condition was almost like mine, "Please! Don't tell her anything about divorce," she said politely. I nodded in response. After leaving her at the door, I headed to my office and walked towards the bus stop.

It was a little easier for me to pick it up the next morning, and his reluctance was also lacking. He put his head on my breast. After a while, the fragrance of his body hit my senses. I began to examine it carefully. The deep wrinkles in the face and the silver in the hair of the head were a testimony to the fact that he had lost a lot in this marriage.

Four more days passed, and when I put it on my chest in my folds, the intimacy between us that had been lost somewhere began to return. Then those feelings of intimacy increased with each passing day. The moment took days away and the month was over.

That last morning I was getting ready to go and she was in trouble with clothes spreading on the bed. Because all the old clothes were beginning to open on his body. At that point figured out how weak she had become.

Perhaps that's why I picked it up easily. I walked up to him, reluctantly seeing the pain in his eyes, and put my hand on his shoulder, "Papa! Take mummy around outside. Our son's voice fell in my ears, and he thought it was necessary for me to somehow shake his mother's heart. My wife turned to her son and put it on her chest. I turned my back thinking that this moment would not weaken me, ..... The last time I picked him up in my arms, he also put his arms around my neck. I held it in a trance.

The day of marriage began to circulate before my eyes when I first picked him up and brought him to my house and promised to hold him to my chest every day until he died. My steps may have gone from the floor to the gym, so I barely reached the door. Taking it down, I whispered in his ear "perhaps we lacked intimacy.

"She looked into my eyes and I left her there and walked towards my car. A fear was repeatedly burning in my heart as I drove at high speed so that I might not get weakened, and change my decision. I braked at the door of the house where the new destination was waiting for me. The door opened and she smiled and came in front of me, "Excuse me. I can't divorce my wife." These words that came out of my mouth were nothing short of an explosion for her. She came to me and put her hand on her forehead and said, "Maybe you're not in good health or you're joking". "No! I'm not joking.

Perhaps our married life has become colorless, but love for him is still alive in my heart. All that happened was that we forgot everything o do with it. I remembered everything on the same day. And remember the promise I made to him on the first day of my marriage."After breaking each new bond, I returned to reconnect the old bond, with a bouquet in my hand that read on the slip, "I will come to leave you every day in my arms to the door.

Only death could stop me from doing so, so I entered my house and started climbing the stairs. I had the greatest gift of life to give to my wife. When I was a few moments away from him, the string of life slipped out of his hands. She had lost while battling cancer for months. He never mentioned his pain to me, nor did his busy life allow me to ask him.

When he needed me the most, I was finding love for myself in someone else's heart. She knew she didn't have much time. Lest the effect of divorce before his death sow hatred for me in our son's heart. So in a month, she painted my look as a very loving husband in front of her son.

This story is for people who try to run away from them rather than add color to their colorless relationships, and many times we're too late to understand whether it's more right to have new relationships or to add color to old relationships. It must be decided in your hands, but lest you can't decide on a time and the hands are permanently empty in this delay.

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Written by   30
7 months ago
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Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

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Yeah I agree with you

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