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Real story: Patience and prayer

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1 month ago

"O believers! Seek help with prayer and patience" (Quran)

The cold of January has been heard everywhere. Everyone would sit in their rooms in front of the heater, either enjoying peanuts or having coffee or tea. Today, the light-drop bandi confined everyone to the house, but a soul was shedding tears sitting on the roof regardless of the cold. Her tears flowed with rainwater. How long would she sit on the roof looking for her, if her mother had not come to find her?

"Why are you sitting here, Saira Son? You're crying, are you crying? She looked up at her mother. His eyes were turning red, which was too much to describe his present heart. Amma picked him up and took him to the room. Wearing a blanket, his head was placed on his lap and his hair began to caress, the room was hot because of the heater.

Why doesn't he value me, Mummy?, why has he tightened his heart for me, Mummy? What's my fault, Mom? She kept her head in her mother's lap for a long time and took comfort in it. She came to see My mother today. He had never strangled him today. "Mom, she's worried, I know she's having business problems. She's very upset, but is it because I'm Mummy? What's the matter? My daughter said, "Amma groomed her hair and said, ",,,, Mummy, she has trouble in business. Someone gets very angry with me, Mummy, tell me just shut up, your silence gives me peace. Saying this, she started crying.

Why did she say there would be such a reason? Mother said thoughtfully, that her health was bad. I just said go to the doctor, she told you from now on if I would have felt like you wouldn't have said, "You'd end my problem. "Mother, I realized that the doctor said, "Whatever I talk to, he talks to me angrily. Have you been bored with me when I say please talk comfortably?

Then he said, "You think nonsense, you speak nonsense, keep quiet." Mother, she never thought that when my tone was biting, she thought wrong on her own, who forces me to think, Mummy? she started crying. I couldn't even talk to him, mother let him cry wholeheartedly, Mother, when I strangle her tone of anger, she would say, "You won't get used to speaking nonsense." Your language made me away from you.

What is its language to strangle my lover?, after crying for a while she said again, isn't my heart Mummy? I ever thought of her attitude when I was her Wet, she listened to me affectionately and held me by the hand, and sat next to her. Listen to all my complaints, she never does that. He hugged her. It knew a mother's heart about what was going on with her.

No, Mother, don't stop today, let me cry, if not, otherwise, my heart will burst. I listened to everything she didn't like and took her, she was not happy with me. Why isn't she as happy as me?, why doesn't she get angry with her mother, when her heart throws me out of the room, Mother Just waits for my daughter to patiently ask for help from my son Allah, my daughter, waiting for a patient blessing, amma, why can't she see my existence?

Why doesn't he see me?, he tries my patience Amy, just Saira and how much will she cry just and everything will be fine. Ask Allah for help my daughter dua changes Fortune

"O believers, seek help through patience and prayer, Allah supports the patient, Allah has said in the Qur'an, "Be patient, son, why have you forgotten the good days you spent with him, amma kindly explained to him as if a little girl was explained when a doll is lost.

Mother remembers that day, I'm with him yet, but now he's no longer the same, he's done another thing, look son when we make a mistake ourselves, don't we stop loving ourselves, son na? She raised her head at her mother's words and saw that she was right. She just kept thinking negatively.

Amma got up after a while and left, after a while, Amma appeared with a glass of milk for her. Amma took her water and died after celebrating her lakhs. For a while she fell asleep crying, why did she add sleeping medicine to the milk, Amma, other than she would cry all night, she sewed it and Amma herself went to attend to the Lord to pray for her.

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Written by   30
1 month ago
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"Why are you sitting here ,Saira son?" I think you forgot to write "daughter". I like this story, is this your imagination story? And is it continue bruh?

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1 month ago

Here a lot of moms call their male and female combined son. Thank you so much, dear. Yeah, I am focusing on it.

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1 month ago