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Failure and success

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This is the story of a man named Kerali of 1938 who was in the English Army and was the best pistol shooter in his country as much as the National Championships he had won kerali in this country and this time also everyone was sure that the Olympics that were going to be held in 1940 would be won by Kerali. He had spent two years training and his only dream was to make this hand the best hand in the world. I have to show the world how precious my hand is and that I can beat the world.

In 1938 an Army training camp was going on. When he was in the army there was an incident with him in the same hand with which he had to win a gold medal. He got a hand grenade in it and the hand that was his dream was all over. He had only two ways, one was to cry all his life and to be quiet, and the other was to focus on the round goal, not on what went away (severed hand) he focused on what he had (the other hand) a hand with which he could not even write.

He started his training a month later and returned in 1939 after a year of training. There were many more shooters in Hungary where he went there and congratulated him. He said, "I'm not here to boost morale, I've come to beat you. No one knew he'd been training for a year. Well, all the shooters were playing with both hands and they won with one hand..who won??? He was a one-handed Kerali! But he didn't stop here. He had decided that I had to make this hand the powerful hand of the world.

He picked up all his focus and put it on the Olympic games in 1940 but those games were canceled due to the World War he again put all his focus on the 1940 Olympics but unfortunately too World War He picked up all his focus on the 1948 Olympic Games in 1938 and was 28 years old in 1948 and new people who came It was becoming difficult to fight and win with them, but the difficult word was not in his dictionary. He went and started competing with the best shooters from the world who were playing with both hands and who won? Kerali.

But he still didn't stop competing again at the 1952 Olympics. Who won the gold medal this time? He is a Kerali. No one in history had won two gold medals before Kerala in this event and so it changed the history of the game and opened the eyes of the people at the same time. Now go to a loser (failed person) he will have a list because I failed in life because of this, so I couldn't do it, and so on, go to the other side A successful person will have a thousand reasons not to do what he wants to do only one reason to do and he does.

The fact is that we want success, but at home and I have never heard of it in my whole life or seen that a servant has achieved success at home and without hard work. Get up, wake up from the sleep of neglect, fight this world, and take your share of this world. Surely a million troubles will be jailed from this world, and millions of difficulties will come, but you have to ignore them and get out. You only have to keep an eye on the place where you want to reach what is your destination.

People will laugh and make fun of all kinds of accusations but remember not to come to their words just to go to your destination, and yes remember you are doing what those who make fun of you just remember not to come into their words and to go to the elders like Kerala. Often when a man stands on the stage in front of us and sings, we think that when this man can stand on the stage, it means perfect.

Remember that no man is perfect. Everyone needs a push. See, the one who loses, the one who breaks, and whoever has tears in his eyes prostrates himself and the same necklace brings you closer to Allah. When you fail, you know how valuable success is. I want to tell my siblings who are afraid of failure and are ashamed of failure. Failure is not a bad thing.

Failure makes you human. I keep it, failure makes you learn, repeated failure sings design your future Some things we imprint on our minds that can't happen to us. One day a group of young men was sitting with Ashfaq Ahmed and he asked the jawans which animal was brought to the zoo as a child. When an elephant is brought to the zoo, its feet are tied to a rope that is more strong than its power. He tries to run away, but he cannot run away, because he is bound, then gradually he grows up and the size of the rope is also enlarged, then one day when he is young.

But the rope is not opened from his feet but the other end is left open, and the elephant does not run away. To remember fear is the rope that binds us in the past, the take life, etc., and if we do not save our lives from it, believe me, it destroys our lives.

So my brothers and sisters make the purpose of your life from today and work day and night to achieve it Some people put forward new objectives for themselves every day and say that they have to achieve them. The man is left empty-handed, and the one who is after the same thing succeeds, work hard as much as you fail.

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Written by   30
1 month ago
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