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Bitcoin Cash: The People

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1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash

Satoshi Nakamoto - original creator of Bitcoin (from which Bitcoin Cash originates)

Roger Ver - arguably the biggest fan and promoter of Bitcoin Cash, founder of

Amaury Séchet - Bitcoin ABC, arguably "creator of Bitcoin Cash"

Freetrader - the original developer along with Amaury Séchet

Tom Zander - developer of Flowee The Hub, Indexer, TxVulcano, FloweeJS

Jonald Fyookball - developer of Electron Cash, co-author of SLP token specification, CashFusion

Karol Trzeszczkowski - developer of Mecenas pluginLast Will pluginInter-Wallet transfer plugin, Simple Escrow Plugin

Chris Pacia - BCHD, Lead backend developer for Open Bazaar bringing decentralized marketplace to the world

Josh Ellithorpe (zquestz) - BCHD

Tyler S - BCHD

emergent_reasons - BCHD

Jason Cox - Bitcoin ABC

Joshua Green - Bitcoin Verde

Jonathan Silverblood - Cashual Wallet, CashID, CashAccounts

Pokkst - Crescent Cash, (explainer video), bitcoincashj

Axel Gembe - Electron Cash

Calin Culianu - Electron Cash, co-author of SLP token specification

Imaginary_Username - Electron Cash

AlwaysAn0n - CashShuffle.js

Chris Troutner - SLP SDK, BITBOX SDK

James Cramer - SLPDB, Electron Cash SLP

Jason Dreyzehner - Bitauth-ide, CashChannels

Jonathan Toomim - creator of XThinner

Rosco Kalis - creator of CashScript language

Gabriel Cardona - Bitbox SDK

Tendo Pein - Spedn contract programming language

Mark B. Lundeberg - co-author of SLP token specification, CashFusion

Vin Armani - founder of CoinText (send Bitcoins via SMS), creator of SLP Postage protocol

Kain_niaK - Bitcoin Cash enthusiast

Tobias Ruck - creator of the smart card that produces Bitcoin Cash signatures

Tireless moderators of r/btc (very important channel for Bitcoin Cash communications): BitcoinXio, MagmaHindenburg , evilrootreddit, Bitcoinopoly, BeijingBitcoins, BitcoinIsTehFuture

Egon_1 - Bitcoin Cash enthusiast

awemany - Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin ABC, Storm, inflation bug finder extraordinaire

Antony Zegers - Bitcoin ABC, formerly also Bitcoin Unlimited

Andrea Suisani - Bitcoin Unlimited, helped to create Bitcoin ABC 

Dagur Valberg Johannsson - Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin Unlimited, ABC, Electron Cash

Peter Rizun - Bitcoin Unlimited (fee market w/o blocksize cap, subchains, 1 GB blocks test) w/ Andrew G. Stone

Andrew G. Stone - Bitcoin Unlimited lead developer, many contributions incl. on OP_CDS-/V, 1 GB blocks test w/ Peter Rizun

Peter Tschipper - Bitcoin Unlimited (parval, XthinBlocks)

Jihan Wu - mining supporter of big block contingency plan (UAHF) that became BCH

Haipo Yang - ViaBTC founder who mined the first Bitcoin Cash block

Jiang Zhuoer -, notable strategist and defender of Bitcoin Cash against hash-based attacks

Juan Garavaglia, Matteo Friedman, Guillermo Paoletti: bitPrim - quite instrumental in the launch of Bitcoin Cash

José - founder of EatBCH

Paul Wasensteiner - Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF), Bitcoin Cash Association (BCA), earnest promoter of BCH and early supporter of hard fork

Justin Bons - Cyber Capital, Bitcoin evangelist

saddit42 - creator of

rawb0t - creator of u/tippr and

Jason Chavannes - one of the creators of

Shun Usami - Founder of Yenom wallet

Corbin Fraser @maplesyrupsucker and @porlybe - co-creators of the

Anonymous creator of

Rick Falkvinge - CEO of BCH ;)

C. Edward Kelso - Editor-in-chief of CoinSpice / Host of the CoinSpice podcast

Adrian Barwicki - Creator of, a decentralized uncensorable platform to post your blogs

Akane Yokoo - Tokyo Bitcoin Cash meetup co-organizer, promoting BCH adoption in Tokyo

alternativewinter - Host of the Bitcoin Cash YouTube channel with many episodes about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cash information

Andreas Brekken - Founder of

BetaDollar - Started the "Bitcoin Out Loud" YouTube channel debunking Bitcoin Cash myths and other lies/propaganda regarding cryptocurrencies

Chronos - Started the "One Minute Crypto" channel on YouTube explaining crypto concepts within minutes, always with a smile on his face

Corbin Fraser - weekly YouTube video channel host and big Bitcoin Cash supporter

Corentin Mercier - This guy is spreading Bitcoin Cash adoption to merchants like crazy; created telegram BCH tipperbot

donwonton - The guy behind the "Decentralized Thought" YouTube channel where Craig Wright shows off his watches in an attempt to humiliate donwonton but he handled it gracefully

Emil Oldenburg - CTO of and really smart guy

Gavin Andresen - Satoshi Nakamoto handed over the development of Bitcoin to Gavin Andresen and is one of the granddaddy of cryptocurrencies

George Bissias - Play an important role on the graphene research and implementation in the BUcash project

Gloria Coronel - Help LocalBitcoinCash in many ways and was one of the most awesome girl in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

Hayden Otto - Executive Editor of the CoinSpice team and appearing in many videos featuring how easy and fast it was to transact using Bitcoin Cash, Instrumental for merchant adoption in Australia

JajaaSB - Onboarding merchants in Thailand and looking fantastically awesome in these Bitcoin Cash videos

Jamie Redman - Wrote many articles about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cash and had to endure constant harassments from mentally retarded bcash trolls

Jason Sheman - Made Bitcoin Cash fun again with all the interesting games over at

jessquit - Has maintained a clear message throughout multiple splits about the narrow path Bitcoin needs to navigate to become real p2p cash for the world

Kara - Help LocalBitcoinCash in many ways and was one of the most awesome girl in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

kptnkook - Creator of the Cointext-Anypay videos and BCH Ambassador Program Organizer involving the Cointext-Anypay remittance solution

Leandro Di Marco - The one who started this idea of recognizing Bitcoin Cash folks in the ecosystem, leading to this Hall Of Fame

Lin Zerd - Writer of the CoinSpice team

Mike Hearn - (Medium) Stood up for big blocks when it wasn't cool back then. Now it's cool because Bitcoin Cash is awesome, we hope he comes back.

MobTwo - One of the biggest Bitcoin Cash supporters in the space

SatoshisSoul - Onboarded merchants in Barcelona and Venezuela, an unsung hero in the quest for merchant adoption. - Started "The Real Bitcoin Club" and the mobile app where you can find merchants to spend your Bitcoin Cash

shadowofharbringer - Amazing RES investigative skills and outing shills, one Blockstream fly at a time

TaoJones - One of the most active tipper for BCH, onboarding lots of new people into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

tracyspacy - Creator of where you can advertise your products/services directly to Bitcoin Cash users

Shammah Chancellor - ex-ABC developer

@Hostfat - moderator of many BCH chats, beta-tester of many applications, great collaborator of the community

Collin Enstad - host of Collin' It Like It Is

Alex Winter - Creator of

Joannes Vermorel - Author of a lot of interesting ideas for Bitcoin Cash (Terabyte blocks for Bitcoin Cash)

Future candidates

George Donnelly - helping spread BCH awareness in LatAm

Important contributors, that sadly have left Bitcoin Cash

Unwriter - co-author of SLP token specification, creator of BitSocket, BitQuery, BitDB

Ryan X. Charles - co-author of SLP token specification

kyuupichan (Neil Booth) for his contributions to making Electrum work on Bitcoin Cash (via ElectrumX + Electron Cash)

Tom Harding - Bitcoin XT lead developer, BCH DAA & double spend research

apagut - HandCash

Please comment

If you know of anyone that is pretty important in making Bitcoin Cash what it is (even if all we know is their pseudonym) - please comment, we'll update the list.

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Written by   6786
1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash
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Nice article

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Shammah Chancellor is indeed no longer working on Bitcoin ABC but is still working on Bitcoin Cash. An August newsletter lists Cashweb Keyserver and BCHan.!topic/bch-dev/WGWqXjbA158

He is certainly not a BSV supporter. ;)

$ 0.10
1 year ago

Corrected, thanks!

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Freetrader was the initial coder along with Amuery

Creators of memo.bch

Shammah - ex-ABC developer

Corentin Mercier - Created telegram BCH tipperbot

Shun Usami - Founder of Yenom wallet

Corbin Fraser -

Akane - Instrumental for merchant adoption in Japan

Hayden Otto - Instrumental for merchant adoption in Australia

Rick Falkvinge - CEO of BCH ;)

C. Edward Kelso - Editor-in-chief of @CoinSpice / Host of the CoinSpice podcast

$ 0.10
1 year ago

Thank you!

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I'd say that the handcash people belong to the "important people that have left the BCH ecosystem".

$ 0.10
1 year ago

Added, thank you!

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Corentin Mercier is listed twice.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Don’t forget Josh Jones of bitcoin builder!

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I've frankly never heard of him at all. What did he do for BCH?

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Double added Akane -- but she is for sure worth it ;-)

$ 0.10
1 year ago

Fixed, thank you! :)

$ 0.00
1 year ago

in this list there should also be @Hostfat, moderator of many BCH chats, beta-tester of many applications, great collaborator of the community etc.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

Sure, adding!

$ 0.00
1 year ago

One of the creators (the creator?) of is Jason Chavannes ( He is BSV-friendly but he definitely should be on the list.

Also, I wouldn't put George Donnelly on the list. AFAIK he hasn't done much for BCH adoption so far. Maybe later :)

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Thank you! Corrected and moved George to "Future candidates" :)

$ 0.00
1 year ago

One correction - Corbin (me) didn't create txstreet. Believe that guy is anon but he did an awesome job. I was the co-creator of the somewhat less accurate but og tx visualizer - Shoutout to co-creator @porlybe

$ 0.10
1 year ago

Corrected, thanks!

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Alex Winter - Creator of

$ 0.25
1 year ago

Thanks! Added!

$ 0.00
1 year ago

A few others that come to mind (probably forgot many - sorry)

David R Allen - dev meeting chair

BitcoinInfo - supporter

dove4ever - YouTuber, trader, kickboxer

Cain - great writer & supporter

legal_username - outpomping Pomp

BitFaced - miner keeping it real

Checksum0 - mining @

Mike Komaransky - Grapefruit trader & heart rate monitor

Dejan Roljic - GoCrypto!

Cameron Lee - all round talent

Stefan Rust - CE

Semyon Germanovic - Cryptophyl creator

Jett Scythe - musician & builder

Imkeshav - trader & believer

@BitcoinCast - podcaster & meetup organizer

$ 0.00
1 year ago