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BitcoinCash: Send Gift to your friend with BCH

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6 months ago

What would do you like? Sending money to your friend via Banks?

or helping the BCH to be known by sending them BCH to their email?


I'm late to send this but anyways this is a new update (June 6), as Roger showcase it on youtube I think I should share it with you guys too!.

You can send this to anyone to the world! whether your friends, family, or enemy (just kidding) and also your promoting BCH to them!

• Go to

This is a new way to promote Bitcoin Cash in the easiest way because they can't claim it without BCH Wallet.

This tab also gives information on how many gifts generated every day and that is not the thing you can also retrieve the cash you've given to others with your seed phrase (if they didn't claim it yet) and also the BCH will go back to your wallet once the link is expired.

• How to create a gift?

Hit the GO on Make New Gifts

Make sure you copy the seed phrase so you can retrieve it again once you don't want to send them or the link is expired.

Build your Gift

Set your desire Gift number and the Fiat you want to send

You can generate 10 Gifts but be careful on sending them but you can retrieve it with your seed phrase

if you make 10 gifts with 1 dollar it means per gift you are given 1 dollar so overall 10 dollars you need to spend.

Choose your Currency

You can either choose USD or your local currency, make sure your wallet has enough balance to make a payment.

Make sure to add Notify Email and Retrieval Email

If you want to add them add, but if you don't your expired tips/gift will be added as a donation for to promote peer to peer electronic cash and also BCH.

Once your done You can add email to the people you want to send it

Once your done click the share Icon, You can choose whether to make it as JPG, PDF, or send it on Email.

You can now add a memo or description to it the picture above is the first update so I think nowadays they added a memo thing on it.

Once you send it they receive this on their email

They can receive this on their email and scan the QR code on their app.

once they are done claiming it your gift will be shown like this

That's all thanks for reading if you want to send me one (Just kidding)

here's my email:

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Written by   85
6 months ago
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