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Ways To Improve Emotional Intelligence

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2 months ago

You know that feeling when you feel this sudden rush of gratitude, or a case of elevated self-esteem or confidence? You are experiencing moments of emotional intelligence.

Why should you care about emotional intelligence?

Well, many people say that it plays a huge part in life satisfaction and personal flourishing. Emotional intelligence can help you land your dream job and can help governments to come up with better social programs that would improve society.

Emotional intelligence directly influences your behaviors, thoughts and feelings in order to better manage others. It is through self-awareness that one can develop long-term, sustainable happiness, relationships and careers. This is not just about your ability to identify and show your emotions in a healthy way but also about all the skills you have, such as patience and empathy that contribute to a robust emotional intelligence.

Self-compassion will also be helpful in these cases? By accepting ourselves and being kind to our thoughts and emotions even when they are negative or unpleasant - we will be more likely to stay motivated on the quest of growth.

One of the best ways to improve emotional intelligence is by practicing gratitude, by truly feeling and understanding that you already have everything you need. There are many exercises that can be done here. One of them is writing down 5 things to be grateful for every day.

Improving the quality and depth of your relationships with people, practicing respect and being honest with yourself will also make all the difference for your emotional intelligence! Emotional intelligence is your understanding of a mix of five basic emotions - each with its own vocabulary - which are acceptance, contempt, disgust, indifference and joy.

The simplest way to improve emotional intelligence is to explore and try to understand these emotions better.

There's this funny thing called the "Unseen Peanut Butter Jar" that helps us connect emotionally with the people close by - we first ask them about a hidden jar under their desk for ten seconds. Internalizing this brief moment-by-moment exploration will help foster lasting empathy and sympathy for others.

Emotional intelligence taps into one's ability to identify what they are feeling. It can be as simple as being able to notice that you feel angry, sad or in control of a situation. Emotional intelligence then allows that person to understand the other person’s feelings and successfully provide the needed care and empathy.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is an individual’s or group’s ability to recognize and analyze various emotional cues that they experience, as well as the ability to effectively distinguish between these experiences. Theoretically, it allows the recipient to have a better understanding of themselves and those around them. 🔷

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Written by   2
2 months ago
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