Take Your Time

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1 year ago

My soul did not come from anywhere. It came from there...

Just like every other soul, I meet on my path. Every person I meet comes from the same source. Few of them see and hear themselves clearly. Others are more hidden in themselves, in their fear and suffering cave. There they are, waiting, listening...

It is not for me to decide who will crawl out of their shells and who will stay in them. In my eyes, we are all equal, like grains of sand in the desert. And that's it. And it is up to us to decide whether being carried by the wind makes sense or not.

It seems that we have devalued ourselves so much that we no longer take any time for ourselves.

We are always throwing ourselves away. We hand ourselves over to the doctors. Then they lock us up in their nursing homes because of the illnesses we cause ourselves. For those who have no time for themselves. If we are looking for a job or purpose in life, again it is not ourselves that we are searching answers in:

- What are YOU interested in? What do YOU want?

And again we put ourselves in the hands of others. Looking for answers in the articles with "TOP best jobs in the world", asking friends advice. As if they know better what to do with all that I don't know at all about myself, but we say "I". We are like kids rubbing against their parents' knees, hoping for attention and love. And we keep pushing ourselves away. Handing ourselves to strangers or sites. Every now and then getting away from being with ourselves.

But of course, we have to start somewhere. You don't carry around a magical chest of wisdom and advice. You have to start somewhere. And maybe it's better to visit a house of prayer than take a bottle of vodka in the morning.

A house of prayer... Does God hear better there? He's in your heart if you need him. But do you know how to hear yourself?

Take the time to feel... to feel the wonder of existence. Then the whole world will become a House of Prayer. And you won‘t need to stay in a cave...

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1 year ago