Fallen from Grace!

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Date: May 30, 2022

Social media has influenced our behaviors both positively and negatively but in the light of some recent events, I would like to talk about the cons of social media.

  • There was a time when people used to interfere in others' lives, and some still do, but the need to do this is vanishing now.

  • There was a time when people used to have enemies, who would spill out their secrets in order to disgrace families but today, one doesn't require them either.

  • Then there were times when women were famous for disclosing other people's family affairs to enjoy their gossip sessions, but now this trend is vanishing too.

Have you ever wondered why?

Does it mean that the world is becoming a better place to live or people are getting more civilized now?

Or they are so busy now that they have no time for poking their noses in other people's business or they have just lost interest in such things?

There must be some explanation for this!

The answer to this is the "Thirst to gain fame and earn money through social media". 

Our great Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

"The trial of every ummah is in one thing or another and the trial of my ummah is in wealth".

Today I see this happening everywhere, and it's not just about this era but in every era, we have seen such people who would do anything to have money and fame. But these days, gaining fame and earning money has become so easy that you just have to make up your mind and the next thing you see is fame at your doorstep. In this quest, we have forgotten that boundary that discriminates between good and bad fame, money earned through appropriate means or inappropriate means. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and specially Tiktok and YouTube which provide this youth, with an easy means of earning fame. Obviously, I will not blame these platforms solely for our youth's pathetic and terrible acts. While on one hand, people are falling from grace using these platforms, on the other hand, some intellectual and dignified people are doing really good things as well.

The reason why I said earlier that we don't need enemies now to damage us is that we are enough now to do this to our own selves as we have become our own enemies. Just for the sake of promoting our YouTube and TikTok channels, we are doing ourselves some really unrepairable damage. 

A few days back, I came across a couple on YouTube that makes vlogs. I won't mention them here, because the reason for this article is not to hit anyone directly. They share their daily routine on their vlog. I think they wanted some sort of twist or what, that a couple of days back they made a vlog on them being fighting with each other and saying horrible things to each other. They pretended it to be a real fight but obviously, viewers are not fools, they know when a particular vlogger is trying to get famous or make more money by faking things. So I am sure they were pretending, and even if they were not, what is the point of disclosing their personal matters and fights to millions of viewers out there? Husband and wife are meant to conceal each other's shortcomings, but just for the sake of fame and money they were insulting each other and making a vlog out of it. 

Can anyone sink any lower?

Then there is another lady on YouTube who initially used to make vlogs about cooking, then her daughter joined her too. A month or two back, her daughter got married but her husband and in-laws turned out to be really terrible and now she wants a divorce. I pray for her I really do. But discussing such private matters on YouTube, disrespecting each other openly, and saying horrible things about each other's character is just beyond worse. If you have got family issues why don't you solve them privately, why the need to make your private life public? 

Do you really think everyone out there is your well-wisher? More than half of the community merely enjoys listening to your chit-chats. Now you know why we don't need others to destroy our lives because we are sufficient for this task.

Closing Thoughts:

Therefore it is a humble request to all that stop discussing your personal lives on social media platforms, if you really want fame and money try earning them some other way rather than at the expense of losing your respect and dignity.


Every word written in this article is my own and doesn’t involve similarity to someone else’s article. This entire article is checked by Grammarly and is plagiarism free.

Thank you for reading this article! Stay happy & blessed!

Lead Image is taken from unsplash 

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2 years ago


Tiktok is a disaster. people there destroy their whole selves for the sake of taste and money

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2 years ago

Social media has both good or bad effects on our life. Because I have seen many cases where social media has bad role. We need to understand physical friendship was more important when we meet our friends we can find solace and peace of mind.

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2 years ago

Indeed you are right my Friend

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2 years ago