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Don't yell at your kids

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2 months ago

21 Sep, 2022

8.49 pm


Kids are blessing. Ask from those who don't have. I have seen couples praying to have kids. But at the same time especially now a days most of the parents yell at their kids.

I will never yell at my kids nor I will allow my husband to yell at my kids don't just Yell at your kids if you do so, you do not deserve to be parents.

The child starts to hear right from pregnancy. So, if you as parents are fighting even if your baby is not born, you are creating mess. You are badly affecting your child. This will cause a negative impact on his health.

There are two aspects why parents yell at their childern

Sometimes, the mutual relationship between the parents is not good because of which they are disturbed which result in the change in behaviour of the parents towards their children sometimes they just take out frustration of mind on the children and start shouting without understanding how this will affect their child. The child after seeing this behaviour become psyclogically ill.

Secondly I have seen parents having tough routine from dawn to dusk do not have time to talk to their children nor they tolerate their child's behaviour. If the child become stubborn, instead of discussing the matter and understanding him they just start shouting. This really effects the child. Child stop communicating with parents.

This is how yelling effects children:

They become psyclogically ill.

They find themselves alone.

They stop sharing problems with you.

They suffer from anxiety, depression.

They lose their social contact.

They stop talking to you.

It effects their mind and body and mental health.

The become stubborn.

Behavioural changes can be seen like fighting all the time or complete silence.

Treat your children in a good way.

Try to understand them. Giving importance to their single opinion makes them confident. Keep calm while talking to them. Try to understand their point of view. Don't enforce your decision and stay calm.

Talk to them daily.

Update yourselves from their issues.

Try to solve their issues in a positive way.

Provide them comfort by telling them that you are with them.

Keep calm while they are in anger.

Be patient in difficult times.

Be your child friend.

Yelling is very harmful. Don't ever scream at your kids. It can harm your kids more than you realize.

Thankyou for reading the article.

Update me about the effects of yelling you have observed in your surrounding.

Good night

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Avatar for Rafflesia.9.May
Written by   26
2 months ago
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This is one of the important topic to be discussed. Its one of the parents responsibility to comunicate calmly with their children. Shouting spoil your kids.

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2 months ago