What you can't cure, you endure.

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I want to start this way by saying that it's not in your power to change some certain things that you see during life experiences. People may have same looks and aspirations but surely may never have same destines and fate.

From what comes to us as humans every day of our lives, we have the rights to make decisions of what we want in life, we have rights to choose our friends and the type of lifestyle we want for ourselves but there are certain things in life that we cannot have decisions over but to live with it till the end of time.

Some people may see themselves so unfortunate in life to fall sick with terminal diseases and with incurable infirmities in their bodies, some may have the money and all it takes to handle the situation and the health challenges they face in their lives, but because of how overwhelming and incurable the sickness may be, they end up giving all they have made as fortune to that sickness that have befallen them and at the end of the day, the sickness still not be cured, instead of fighting harder, they give in to fate and hope that one day every thing will be alright.

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Even in the relationship we have today, amongst couples and friends, most people who have one bad attitude or character that can be corrected or tolerated during their love experiences may turn to be so difficult to change after a long period of time in the relationship, and because of some committments they two have had with each other in their years of relationship, they may decide to endure and live with it for the rest of their lives in their relationship till the end. These characters may have been something they two had clue about and noticed early enough during their early stage in relationship with their spouse and see if they two can make the right decision to it, To know whether it's manageable or not, or something they can not hold on for each other before they agree to enter into marriage together. This has been one of the issues some people face in their relationship.

I heard my mother say something about this topic and when I read what she said about relationship and marriage as regards to the topic of my article "what you can't cure, you endure", I try to understand the actual meaning, the real sense in what she said.

Well, I will like to share with you what she said concerning the topic.

In her thought, she said that marriage between two persons should been taken serious and must not be allowed by the third party to interfere in their relationship. Most people see marriage as a partnership thing while others see it as a union of two persons that comes together to become one, although they may have different bodies, mindsets, understandings and ideologies but in all, they two stand as one indivisible entity in love, vow and commitment bearing in mind that in marriage there must be obstacles, challenges and trial times to come, but above all they two should not let their bad times to overcome the love and companionship they two have built for themselves during their marriage relationship.

She went ahead to say that one of the fundamental key word of long lasting relationship between two persons in marriage is endurance. No matter what you may feel about love and what you think about your partner, they must get you upset, angry, sad and misunderstand you in some certain issues one way or the other either with their characters and attitudes or other ways that at the end will put you off from your happy moments with your spouse, but what should always keep you strong and going with your spouse in the relationship even after being sad and angry with the way they acted towards you is nothing but endurance, love, companionship, commitments  and other good feelings and memories you two have shared and build for years together as lovers and couples.

After I listened to what she had to say, I had to reset my mindset, my thought about relationship, marriage and about my lifestyle. No matter how you see this life and what you may feel about relationship, you can not rule out the fact that endurance has been one of the major factors and oil that have lubricated a long lasting relationship between two persons who have found themselves in marriage, and it's also important that when you want to enter into a marriage relationship, you should bear in mind that marriage is not a bed of rose where everything is sweet and spicy all the time, you should always have it in mind that there are happy moments and sad moments to come in your relationship, but one thing is certain, if you have your love, endurance, tolerance and companionship strength in each other stronger and above your challenges and trials, you will surely overcome and be successful in your relationship.

I believe you have all it takes to make your relationship successful. Please put it to work immediately.

Thanks for reading my article today 🙏. Rafd9828

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