That response that could leave you speechless.

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It's so hard for one to see what's going on in another person's mind, it's so difficult for one to understand and feel one's present emotional and mental state of mind. No matter how you try to watch or take keen interest in studying that person so close to you, you will surely end up not knowing in full the next line of action the person may take or act.

Taking a leaf from the experience I had today as I went out to handle some stuff with my beloved  girlfriend. I didn't know that it's actually not her thing when you try to ask after her wellbeing or get to make her feel comfortable by asking her if she needs anything from you or even try to make her feel belonged when you are hanging out with other of your friends.

I thought I was doing her a lot good by asking her if she needs anything and also trying to know if she is ok with the place I took her and all that. To my greatest surprise, I didnt know that I was actually getting her pissed off by the way I was acting towards her, I didn't know she was seeing my kind gesture and show of concern and care from a different angle. Right there in her mind, she was actually not finding it funny with me, she was seeing it as me trying to make her look so mean, not being free with the environment and the people I was with, I didn't know she was seeing my constant show of concern towards her as something that can present her as a bad person to people around where she was.

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I didn't know until I watched closely to her face trying to find what was her problem, trying to know where I went wrong and trying to find her right there then she spoke up to me and said;

"Please stop, I don't just like the way you are acting towards me, you are making these people around to notice me and feel I am not flowing and being free with them and with the environment where we are right now, please I should stop asking her if she needs anything, nor if she is ok and all that."

After the sudden and weird response I got from her, I was confused and tried to understand what just happened right there, frankly speaking I couldn't get any answer as to why she had to think that deep about my kind gesture, concern and care towards her. I decided to apologize to her and kept to my lane to avoid further issues that may want to come up later.

Let me ask you reading this article this important question;

Was the reason she gave to me for acting that way right or wrong?

I will leave you to give me your answer in the comment section. This particular case I guess may have happened to you one way or the other as you try to act nice and show some concern to someone in your life.

Most at times I come to understand that the reason why some people act that way maybe have been because of emotional, psychological state of mind they may be at that moment, sometimes it could be from the environment or from people they find themselves with that could turn they state of mind to act differently or  irrationally towards a particular situation.

When this kind of situation happens, you don't need to judge the person and conclude immediately, finding out the person's reason for acting that way should be your first step, getting to understand what prompted the person to act in that manner owing to the fact  that you two were not in any misunderstanding or quarrel before coming to the place.

Trying to find out the truth in what the person is saying is also another step you should follow. Knowing the person's reason for acting differently towards your kind gestures and giving close watch and deep thought in the point the person is trying to give as the reason for the weird attitude is also a good step to follow.

Then try taking it easy the person and understand that the person acting in this manner is a human being that may be facing a lot of personal challenges inside of him/her and may not want to disclose what he/she is passing through.

Personally my reaction towards her was not an ideal response, staying away from her and closing my mouth to avoid another weird response from her was actually not a good response that I supposed to give to her when she acted in that manner, I should have tried these points I mentioned above rather than staying away.

As for my beloved girlfriend, I will not say that her reaction was a nice one, it's not always good to think negative about how people may see you, you maybe the only one living in that thought in your head that people may see you as a bad person. It's not a crime to show someone you sincerely love affection, care and concern. Learn to control your emotions, try not to make the next person to feel bad for being good and kind towards you.

If we can adhere to all these reasons mentioned, surely we will find everything we want from each other to make our relationship successful.

Thank you so much for coming by to read my article.🙏Rafd9828

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