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Hi everyone, welcome to this wonderful and amazing segment of food intake and the right information for the best food that your body maybe needing to function well. I know a lot of us here in Africa and other part of the world usually love eating good food and some of us as well eat junk foods to survive. I will be discussing more about junk food and how it's important that we try and take keen interest about foods that are cheap, affordable, nutritious and can replace junk foods that we have come to appreciate more which have really been of harm to our health and life.


Junks foods are one of the most popular foods in Nigeria. Junk Foods are consumed daily both by the old and young. Junk foods have very low nutritional value and according to Merriam Webster dictionary, junk foods are foods that are not good for the health because, they contain high amounts of sugar and fats.

Many people eat junk food for convenience purposes. Junk foods are generally unhealthy but in my opinion, junk foods prepared in fast foods are better than locally made junk foods. Sadly, many people depend locally made junk foods like, bonce which are literally made with sugar, water, refined flour and fried with unhealthy oils.

I have observed that, in many places like tertiary institutions where junk foods are sold, some nutritious and healthy foods are also sold at relatively cheap prices. So, i decided to make a list of 5 healthy foods you can eat in place of junk foods.

Here Are Five (5) Healthy Foods You Can Eat In Place Of Junk Foods.

1. Moi-Moi: the primary ingredient for making moi-moi is beans which makes it very good for your health. Moi-Moi is also made with other healthy ingredients like, crayfish and with #100 naira you can buy a wrap of moi-moi.

2. Boiled Maize: Boiled corn is a common sight in public places. Yellow corn has been proven to have a lot of protein which makes it suitable for people trying to lose weight. Also maize has a lot of fiber and other nutrients. With #50-#70 naira you can buy a boiled or roasted corn.

3. Beans And Roasted Plantain: Instead of buying junk foods why not opt for beans and roasted plantain. You can even decide to eat just beans or plantain. People who sell beans and plantain also sell potato and yam, so if you don't like beans you can go for yam or potato.

4. Okpa: Okpa is a very common food in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. Okpa vendors are found in public places including tertiary institutions. Okpa is made with a special kind of nut called, Bambara nut. Nuts are very good for the health and okpa is far better than junk foods. With just #100 naira you will buy a wrap of okpa.

5. Zobo: Many people consume soft drinks when they are not at home. For example a lot of students consume soft drinks commonly known as minerals. Drinking too much minerals is very bad for your health because of the high level of sugar and preservatives it contains. So, instead of taking soft drink, drink zobo. Although, people who sell zobo add a lot of sugar to it, it is still better than soft drinks. Zobo has over 13 health benefits.

In conclusion, some sickness and terminal diseases we suffer in our old age are actually caused by the junk foods we take during our youth age and some careless and unhygienic foods and drinks we consume also contribute to these problems that surrounds us as people. For you to live a healthy life, you must surely find your way to good foods and healthy style of  eating habit and taking of well nourished meals each passing day of your life. Because when you ignore these things and keep on eat anything that comes your way, definitely you are creating way for sickness to pin you down when grow old tomorrow.

Do all you can to avoid junk foods if you want to live long!

Thanks for reading... 🙏 Rafd9828!

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