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I was listening to one of my friend's discussion the other day in a restaurant where we went to have some food and drink, he was complaining about how the woman he thought was in love with him just woke up one morning to break the news that she was breaking up with him, at first he was thinking it was all a joke when the incident happened, but after a while, he began to see the seriousness in her as she packed her belongings and left his house that very faithful morning.

He didn't expect such blow on him considering the fact that they never had any serious misunderstanding and quarrel he could ever remember that would warrant her to break such news to him and left without waiting for them to sort things out.

I couldn't understand what was going on in their relationship and what he was trying to explain, because the last time I was with my friend and his girlfriend I didn't notice any problem or issues of any kind between them, Infact they two were the envious of all as they flaunt their romance every second without considering who is at the corner watching them for the moments I have seen them together. So what could have been the problem for her to wake up one morning to say that she wants to break up with my friend?.

This was the question that was going through my head as I continued to listen to him. After he finished his story, out of curiosity I asked him if he has confronted her to actually know what was her reasons for taking such step, he responded to me by saying that he couldn't withstand the emotional trauma and the blow the news gave to him so he left the house without getting to discuss with her or even tried to stop her as she left the house.

When I went home that day, I started to ponder on their case and what could have led to that sudden breakup and all that. To help myself get to the answer I was looking for, I came across a particular information about the reasons why people fall out of love in their relationships that struck my mind to write this to you this wonderful morning.

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Listen my dear friend, why alot of people you see happy in their relationship today, the next morning they fall out of love with their spouses without notice is because there are certain things they feel it's not important to checkmate and act upon them during their relationship experiences which may be eating up their love foundation without them noticing and eventually when that destructive worm finally gets to the last pillar of the foundation to eat it up to the level where the relationship can not hold together again, then the emotional feelings and affection that was found the relationship gets destroyed overnight without notice.

What am I saying? Most couples have failed to put more keen interest and attention to little  things that happen in their relationship, for instance, your partner may be complaining about the way you try to show her excessive attentions and care towards everything that concerns her which she may misinterpret to being over possessiveness to her, because to her she feels that you don't allow her to take care of herself or do things the way she feels like doing at times, but to you that is showing the concern you may not actually pay attention to that which she is complaining about, instead of you to try understanding her complain and make some adjustments, rather you go ahead to keep doing what you were doing believing you are doing her a great deal and being caring and all that, and when this continues to go on in the relationship, it gradually turns your spouse off and makes him/her to wake up one morning to tell you honey, I am done with you and the relationship.

As difficult as it may sound to you to believe, my dear this is one of the thousand reasons that could bring sudden breakup in a relationship which most of us may be facing today including my friend.

Listen!, You don't need to be carried away by the way you feel about your partner that you end up indirectly take possession and control of all your spouse's lifestyle that he/she will start to feel different about you and everything you are doing towards him/her, start to see your kindness, care and show of love towards him/her as being controlling and possibly being to possessing and domineering.

Learn to always give room to ask your spouse questions if he or she likes the way you are treating him/her, constant appraisal is necessary in a relationship to actually find your partner's point of view and feelings towards you and your treats to them.

Don't always assume and presume you know what he/she likes, dislikes and what he/she wants at any given time, give your spouse that room to make their own choice and decisions, then learn to surprise them from time to time with your own choice of gifts and stuffs like that. It's so healthy to give room for choices and decisions to be made by your partners on their own. Remember that you too are in a partnership of relationship which requires that you give your spouse that chance to express their own power of choices and decisions.

I apologize for not being active so far, I am seriously having issues with my gadgets and I am trying to put things in order. Please I will do my best to get things right and back on my feet.

Thanks for reading my article 🙏.Rafd9828

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