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Try not to lose empathy

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1 year ago

The world that we live in is weird.

We are born compassionate. We care about the people around us. We understand when someone is 'not in the mood.' We understand when someone needs space or some silence. Even though we are supposed to be social animals, the world that we live in today, because of all its 'opportunities' has made us distant.

So many times I have heard the saying 'let go of toxic people.' The most common understanding that I have come across of toxic people is the people that don't agree with you. It's not negative people or the people who pull you down.

It's sad!

The people who talk about it, I don't know how they mean it. But the way people take it and act is very scary.

People who have different opinions, different perceptions, can still help each other. They still can be compassionate. And, they still can motivate each other to do their best. That's not all, people with different views on a topic can still have a good time.

I am not making this up. It's true.

Mostly it's the ambitious ones who have to give up a lot just because they invest almost all of their time and energy day after day, and week after week into their work. But what their friends and family don't understand is that that person is not putting them behind work.

If ever there is a 911 scenario, even the ambitious will leave everything to come to you and be by your side. Even if that person is not there to talk to you every day and give instant responses to your texts.

When there are differences in opinions, I have seen people give up and just send a friend in exile instead of choosing a different option.

In case of a recurring disagreement, it's always better to decide not to talk about that topic when you meet. Know your disagreement. Acknowledge it and talk about something else.

I have never seen two people who do not agree about absolutely anything. Just weed out the topics instead of weeding out the people. People aren't weeds.

It's just about different perspectives. We all have ours. Some might overlap, and some might not. That's okay.

Also, remember that just because you are choosing a way that you think is unusual, don't assume that no one will understand. Give everyone a chance to be by your side. Your journey will be much less lonely that way. And, you will always have someone by your side for those 2.00 am calls.

It doesn't always have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I know in today's world, filled with opinions and words, trying to make something of yourself can get scary. And you might want to not even take that chance to let someone take your optimism away from you. I totally get where you are coming from.

But believe me, there are people out there, even if only a handful of them, who just want to be with you, by your side as you make your journey. Who still are compassionate. Try not to push everyone away without giving them a chance.

Every journey, even the ambitious one is way more fun to engage in when you have the people you love around you. That way you won't be alone when you reach the very top.

There is some truth to Justin Beiber's song titled Lonely. Listen to it once. It might motivate you to keep the people you love around you forever than to lose them over for something as silly as burger vs broccoli.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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