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Take a breath, Every moment is worth a lot

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1 year ago

Time flies. No doubt about it. Hence the saying "days are long but years are short." Nothing can be closer to the truth.

Haven't we all been there when on some days the time just doesn't seem to pass. Those days when the night seems too far ahead in time like it would take a year until sunset. But when those days finally pass, when weeks pass, it feels like just yesterday that the year had begun.

It happens, right?

Sometimes overwhelm is what kills patience.

Overwhelm makes us do things that we regret, it makes us think things that don't make sense. It reduces our productivity and makes us blind towards the most obvious of solutions.

Overwhelm is not only when you have too much to do but also when you have too little to do. Sometimes when you think too much and your thoughts are just on a roll. Like they are high on an unlimited supply of an energy drink.

It's absolutely crazy. And yes, it's exhausting too. So just take a breath. A deep breath. And when you do that, remember to feel your lungs expand and feel the air going out of your body as you exhale.

A focused deep breath is all it takes for me to calm myself down. Even if it is only for a second. That second of calm does wonders for me.

Getting a break for even a second from the endlessly talking mind is success for me. The way I see it, if I can stop the endless chatter and feelings of negativity for one second, I can also do it for two seconds, three seconds, and ten seconds. Eventually, with enough practice, I might even be able to do it for a minute and then for a couple of minutes at a stretch.

The kind of freshness I feel after a couple of deep breaths can only make me imagine how reformed I can be when I master the art of taking back control from my mind with just a few deep breaths.

It's not only personal, but even when you feel reactive while in an interview, meeting, conference, conversation, or even a social gathering, taking a deep breath can make sure that you don't say or do anything that you might regret later.

Just a focused deep breath, can make you proactive. You will never use these phrases again "it just happened" or "it happens" or " I wasn't thinking clearly." Only what you choose voluntarily will happen.

Once you get your focus back, you realize how much of life every moment holds. How much time you really have and how much you can achieve in every single one of those moments.

You'll never need any social media platform ever again to keep you distracted or engaged. All that you'll ever need to cherish the one mortal life you have been blessed with is just a few deep breaths.

I promise you I am not exaggerating.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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