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Some days are longer than you think

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1 year ago

even though all days are of exactly the same time duration (clock-wise). No two days ever feel the same. Some days feel shorter, some days feel longer.

In my experience the ones that feel longer are usually when some kind of change has happened, is about to happen, or is happening. All the movies show it right - everything happens in slow motion. You can feel not just every second but every microsecond pass by. Maybe even feel every single flutter of a butterfly's wing.

It's crazy.

The weird part is that it doesn't matter if the change is negative or positive, the feeling remains the same. The bend in time, the smoothness of the flow, and the slowing momentum of time. It's crazy really.

But is it a good or a bad thing?

It's actually neither. Technically it is how aware our mind becomes of our surroundings and gets out of its usual hibernated chattering mode. Most of our days are spent on autopilot. We are never aware of our surroundings, not even our own actions.

This is the reason why you forget where the car keys went when you just picked them up. That act of picking them up/ keeping them down or dropping them never registers.

But when change is occurring in our lives. We become much more aware of our present. Our minds are always present. It doesn't wander into the make-belief world and that makes us feel the lucidity in the perception of time.

It is almost artistic.

Should you fight it?

Absolutely not. Like I mentioned before, most of our life passes by on autopilot. These slower than usual moments are the ones that make it interesting and stay with us for the rest of our time. Every vision, every breath, and every thought. So make it count.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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