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Plans have their own plans

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1 year ago

I am sure we all have experienced this at some point of time in life.

We set our minds to do something in life and no matter what we focus all our attention by force to a particular task. But eventually turns out that our plan had its own plan of moving ahead in a certain direction. And, of course, it forgot to keep us in the loop.

Again, only in hindsight everything that happened makes any sense at all. It never does when things are happening. That is when every thing feels out of control, and messed up.

My question is, is there any way that we can know if you are supposed to fight the flow or go with it? Because instinctively, if we decide to do something, no matter what obstacles come our way, we should stay the course. Then what about the flow?

Commitment is a thing, right? It is honored by everyone of all age groups irrespective of the era that they are from.

So if I commit that I want to write a 1000 blogs in a 1000 days, why am I unable to keep it? Just to console myself, I started playing with perspective. I have to write 1000 blogs in 1000 days, does not mean that I have to write everyday!

I might be able to pull 10 in one day and none in the next five. That is also a possibility, right? And a pretty decent one too. Not everyday am I able to control my life and my thoughts the way I want to. Sometimes I have some family 'commitments' that I have to meet. Other times I am occupied with some official business. And some rare times I just want to be. No commitments. Just be. Laze around, and be like a chimp in a lush green forest with all kinds so fruits and berries. Such haven!

At this moment, I am not sure if the problem is time management or lack of strong intent that I am starting to play with perspective.

Another thing that my plans forgot to keep me in loop about is changing platforms. When I started to write a month back, I wanted to write here and on my website alternatively. Turns out, that's not what happens most days. Most days I prefer writing here over writing there.

There I feel restricted with the kind of content that can be posted since it is a travel blog. Here however, I can write about anything and everything. I love the freedom. It's so relaxing. There I have to keep pushing myself to come up with stuff that I can share and write about.

I am not saying that I can't share travel stories, just that that's not the only thing I want to do.

So in hindsight, probably blogging is something that I am supposed to do. Maybe not the traditional way with a website, but maybe here. In an environment that doesn't feel so isolated. The one that is built for support.

A friend of mine suggested that I should try writing here. That I might be able to make some money here since this is community driven and based purely on motivation and support.

Truth be told, I made a dollar here way faster than I did there. Even in a year and a half I wasn't able to make $1 via my website. And, in today's world when there are all levels of opportunities available, I don't see the point in choosing the most difficult one. Just choose the one that suits you the best, and merges into your flow.

Yes, I am a bit nervous and very doubtful about letting my efforts of a year and a half go, but I am excited about trying something new. I hope that one day when I look back, everything seems to fall in place.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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