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Physical reminders for Goals

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1 year ago

All of us want something in life. There's never a day that passes by when I don't think about the things that I want in life. Short-term goals, long-term goals, even immediate cravings. something that I want always keeps crossing my mind call it a goal, a target, a wish, or a desire. Doesn't make a difference.

In the past 5 years, I realized the importance of focus. Thoughts come and go. But that doesn't mean that every time a new thought comes to mind, we switch all our efforts from the task at hand and set out towards this new desire. It never works like that.

If you want something, you need to give it all that you have for at least 3 years. Then only you'll be able to get somewhere along the path. Just thinking about wanting something and not doing any work won't.

Also, whatever doubts sow up in your mind need to be set at bay for those 3 years. No matter what the world says, no matter how against you the odds might seem. You will still beat them if only you are able to set your goals and stay focused on them.

This is where setting physical reminders come into the scene.

Note that while it is true that everyone wants something life at all times. It is not possible to works towards everything together. It slows down your speed. Forget distraction but there is no one thing that is happening. So instead of efficiency, all that one feels is exhaustion from changing of thoughts, strategies, meetings, actions, etc.

This is why it is always better to set one major goal and a few miners. Small victories whether related or non-related to the main goal are important to keep us going.

There is a lot of biochemistry involved in that. If you're interested you can always read about it in detail.

Coming back to the point, small targets might include things like setting 3 tasks for the day that you might want to achieve and making sure that you achieve it. Wanting a tub of ice cream all to yourself and making sure you have it. Of course not every day, health is equally important, but sometimes yeah.

While you are at it, make sure to write down your goal, the major one, every day. Some people prefer doing so before going to bed in a journal. Others prefer doing so first thing in the morning. People even make vision boards remind themselves of what is it that they are working for. Me, I prefer writing it on my left wrist on the front side. Right below the palm with a marker every day, first thing, as soon as I shower.

Daily physical reminders help you focus all your thoughts on the one thing that you want the most. So your thoughts your desires don't slip away. All the work that you put into it, grows and gives results.

This also helps in blocking out all the negative talk that we usually get ourselves into which goes something like this -
"Is it even worth it"
"I know I wanted it before, but not anymore"
"never mind, what I have is enough I don't need more"
"I know nothing about it"
"What if I can't"

Know what you want and don't give yourself the option to back out. It's only sink or swim. Nothing else.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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