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Life is a game of Hide and Seek

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1 year ago

In most cases you know what you are seeking, but not where it is hiding. Hence the law of attraction.

My entire life I have always wanted/needed something. As a child, I wanted playtime and TV time to be more than homework time. As a teenager, I wanted more friends time than family time. As an early adult, I wanted 'me' time. Of course, there were other things too that I craved. Food, bags, shoes, clothes, gadgets, etc. Some more than others.

Aren't we all like that? Always wanting something, always wishing for something. Always seeking something. But do we always know where is it hiding? How to get to it?

Absolutely not.

Our entire life passes by while we constantly seek things, emotions, connections, and moments. Some we find, some we don't. And, that's okay. Not because you can't have everything you want, but because not everything you think you want you really want.

Sometimes we look at someone passing by us, and instantly we see something that that person has that we like. Just because we like something, doesn't mean we want it, or there is a use for it in our lives.

I like cakes, but I burn everything I bake. So no cool baking toys that seem fun to own have no use for me. It will just occupy space in my closets and make everything look abundant while just laying dormant.

So am I really seeking the baking toys, or baked goods instead?

It is easy to get confused between the two. All of us have been there, and it's okay. Try not to rush into it. Sleep on anything you think you want. If the next morning you feel the same way about it and just think the same way about it, then go ahead, it's for you to find.

But know that if happiness is what you seek, then material possession is not the way for it. Every abundantly rich person will tell you that.

At this moment, I am reminded of the saying "peace is happiness at rest." So are you seeking happiness or are you seeking peace?

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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