It's true the one who tries the most, wins!

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2 years ago

Or is it? Isn't the definition of winning supposed to be different for different people?

If people can have different goals and motivations, they can also have different definitions of winning as well. For some, it can be having a stable life with a stable family and stable income. At the extreme opposite can be people who always live life on the edge, carefree, and high on adrenaline.

Of course, there are numerous versatile varieties in between the two. So I guess it's not true for all that whoever tries the most wins. It depends on one's goals.

So let's talk about that particular variety of people who have someplace in mind where they want to be. The people who are motivated (not greedy). These are the ones who want change often so they can reach their destination.

This is the type of people for whom this saying holds true.

Also, I put myself in this category of people as well. I am one of those who want to get somewhere in life. The kind of person who cannot be happy sitting in a chair and doing mundane things for the rest of my life. Change is my fuel.

It's all about growth

When I was in college, I was always striving for perfection in my work. Whatever I did, it could be done better. So I never knew when to stop. And hence I kept pushing myself harder to work late hours, to spend more time doing the same thing over and over again. I compromised on a lot of food and sleep back then. All this just so I could submit my assignments to the best that I could in the given amount of time.

Thankfully some podcasts came to my rescue. After listening to people speak about breaking barriers, reaching full potential, and diversifying to grow multifold, I was able to try more.

My mentality about perfection changed to diversifying. Trying as much as I could from all the things that the world has to offer. Not anything and everything, but all the things that do resonate with me.

I always wanted to be the jack of all trades

I always strived to know more than just one thing. But I wanted to be perfect at all those things. Clearly, I didn't realize what jack meant. But you can't blame me. I forgot that perfection didn't exist.

No matter how perfectly you did something, there is always room to make it better. Hence evolution.

So yeah now I realize that I can either be a perfectionist or the jack of all trades. I pick the latter. And in a world full of possibilities, where making passive income has become easier than ever, why restrict me over a false concept.

Surprisingly enough, the world that we live in today, embraces imperfection. It has room for flaws. In fact, in many cases, it even overlooks it. For example, the grained filters, that reduce the quality of an image from 40+Mb to under 20 Mb sometimes even 2 Mb. It's crazy!

Not convinced? Tell me something, who has better engagement -pictures that involve years of experimentation, practice, hours of execution, and expensive equipment, or memes.

I rest my case.

If money is the problem

Don't let it be. Think beyond.

Strive for excellence, money will come. Understand that excellence is different than perfection. Excellence is known to give results, whereas perfection is known to increase stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. Not officially, but it is my observation.

We get just one life. It only reduces as time passes. So instead of trying to do what you can't in the given amount of time, and resources, why not do the best that you can. Who knows you might just surprise yourself. No reason to stress out. After all "done is better than perfect."

Only when you try more, you know what sticks

Once you get to a point where you are able to free your mind from all kinds of stress, you get to a place where you see more. Seeing more means knowing that there is more that you can try. And for people like me who want more in life, we like to try more in life.

Only then do we know what it truly is that we want in life.

For me, it was perfection that was holding me back and putting me in a mental cage. After I understood the concept of excellence, I broke free from the cage. Ready to take on the world, and try things that come my way, stress-free.

In the past 7 years of trying various things, I have ruled out a few options that I know for sure won't help me reach my goal in life. And so, I have also found in an umbrella way the direction in which I will find the precise route to my destination. And who knows, I might already be on it!

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2 years ago


I too tried to be the jack of all trades and that caused a complete burnout in me , still recovering from it. Anyway Good Read.

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2 years ago

There is much I like with this article. I cannot comment everything, so let me limit it to one thing people rarely realize. In another time and place I wrote: "perfection is boring" and "imperfection creates personality". Whatever you do, personality is more important than perfection. It's your flaws that makes you unique.

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2 years ago