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It's not easy to 'be yourself' but it's possible

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1 year ago

The latest decision I made was to write 1000 articles in 1000 days after taking inspiration from Nas Daily and Beeple. For most days I have been able to keep the promise I made to myself about an article a day, but some days do get missed for external reasons.

Family stuff, office stuff, and lazing around in emotional roller coaster stuff. So far I think I have missed writing an article for about 5-6 days and it's only been a month since I started.

If I can't keep my promise even in the initial days, how am I supposed to make it through to 1000 days with daily productivity? Blows my mind to think that some people actually made it through.

Am I not motivated enough? Is what I decided to do not really my thing? Or is 1000 days not really my thing? 

All kinds of thoughts cross my mind all the time. Including not continuing to write for my travel blog. 2 reasons for this - 

1) I am not traveling currently

2) Writing here comes more naturally to me.

Continuing a travel blog takes too much of a thought process, especially to write 3 days a week. When I started that blog, I had soo much hope and believed that it had potential. But now it has become a not-so-interesting task. Like I only do it for the heck of it. Not because I want to do it.

I am not currently traveling so I don't have any travel stories to share. The old ones, when I was traveling, have faded away a little. Not that I can't still harvest them, but that I don't even feel like access those memories anymore.

Don't mistake me for a pessimist

I am not giving up on traveling. I am not giving up on living. I love visiting the world and the people in it. I do. But not everything near and dear to you can be monetized, right?

I feel what I feel when I travel, the people that have met me then have told me that my expression changes completely. Now how can I possibly write that down!

It's a feeling, it's very personal. I want to keep it. For me.

Plans change and new paths unravel

So even though I started blogging to make affiliate income, and to build money the old way with AdSense because that is all I knew. But maybe now is the time to let go of that and discover newer paths like this one.

Not everyone is into everything, and that's okay.

Sometimes we only do one thing so it gets us to the other better thing. Things and journeys that only make sense in hindsight. I don't know if I am going to keep my travel blog or let it die.

I just know that life always has a plan and even though it might not always be what you planned it to be, it will always work out for the better.

About 'Be Yourself'

Taking inspiration is one thing, but walking in someone else's footsteps is another.

When someone takes inspiration, they usually forget the difference between the two and start walking on someone else's path instead of chiseling out their own. It doesn't matter where and how you start as long as you set out to be yourself.

It's okay to let some things go, it's okay to alter the path when it feels apt, it's okay to change the route as well if the one you chose doesn't seem to be all that well suited for you. After all, you cannot know unless you try.

So keep trying and know that you will get there. And so will I.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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