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I will do it, but not at the cost of me

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1 year ago

I am ambitious. I have dreams. I have goals.

But none of that is going to take me away from me. I am going to do everything I set out to do while taking care of myself. I put myself before my goals.

I was misled by my interpretations of the journey that leads to success. It was my fault. I was listening so much to things that did not lead to success, but to the awakening that that wasn't the way to success.

All the stories that I believed had a very set plot where a person would always overdo himself/herself. The person would always work long hours, not take care of their food intake, hydration, or sleep. Just working non-stop from one thing to another for long hours.

Not just working 14-16 hours a day but even boasting about it. "I worked so much", "I have been up for 36 hours by now!"

While telling these stories people apparently were taking pride in the fact that they had all their life cycles messed up. How could anyone be proud of something like that? That never made any sense to me.

It's nothing less than digging your own grave.

These people, lose all the enthusiasm towards life, humor, hope, and health. I was silly to believe that this was the only way to achieve success. I believed that this was the only way to be great, to build something, or to be known.

I could never have been far from the truth.

It was because I believed that an unhealthy lifestyle was the only way to be successful that I chose not to be successful. I denied killing myself physically and emotionally to be known by strangers. I wanted to enjoy the journey as well.

So I chose to take care of myself.

Eventually, after listening to endless Ted talks and watching almost all Impact Theory Episodes I realized how far from the truth I was. I realized that I saw only half the picture.

Some people, not all, worked that way. Crazy busy with no respect for their mind, body, or soul. Most of these people either need up having a breakdown, or an episode of some sort that ended up with a doctor or a friend trying to explain the things that led to that point. And with a final warning to get back on the track.

Explaining the importance of 7-8 hours of sleep every night. The impact hunger and dehydration can have on the decision-making and sanity of a mind.

It was not taking care of themselves and pushing the boundaries so far that would cause an episode so grave that the person would not have any other option but to transform the way they live their lives.

Transformation is not easy. But it's needed in their case.

So instead of going down that road, I chose to do all the things that I plan to do but in a healthy way. I chose to be ambitious, I choose to go after my goals but while taking care of myself and not at the cost of myself.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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