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Ever listened to your instincts?

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1 year ago

No, I didn't jump off a cliff without a parachute.

It was a winter afternoon when instead of getting my office work done (thankfully there was nothing urgent), I ended up planning an evening barbeque and bonfire.

I had a few relatives, the ones that come over every year minimum once, sometimes twice. And the kind that we are happy to welcome in our humble home. They were staying over for a few days.

That year I hadn't done any barbeque dinner which I usually do with my friends. Thanks to the pandemic, not much was happening and so the idea came. Why not do it with family this year?

By some people, I know families aren't considered to be cool. Spending time with them makes you a boring and outdated person. However, I happen to love my family. The only reason that I hadn't done something like this with them for so long is that I didn't know if they would enjoy it.

I am so glad to find out first hand, that they do enjoy it. It's just that they don't get much opportunity to do such things because it's not really a part of our culture. So in a way, the older generation depends on the younger generation to find out more about the world that they live in.

I have seen far more of the country than my parents. I have met more geographically diverse people than them. So yeah in a way I was the only one who could think of such a thing, plan it, and make sure it gets executed successfully.

But why then? Why that day, why amongst those people did I suddenly feel like doing something so basic yet so fun?

One thing I have realized is that no one can make sense of what's happening until time has passed by. Only now I know how important it was for our family so we could bond even more.

Maybe I need some more time to make sense of it, or maybe I should just be happy that it happened, and not overthink it.

Happiness in small moments.

Here's a clip of that evening -

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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