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What Coins Will You DCA This Month?

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Here's your monthly reminder that the most successful way (historically) to profit in the cryptocurrency field is to Dollar-Cost Average. This is the process of buying crypto in the same USD amount at a specific time each week (or month, or day, or hour, whatever) in order to consistently stack tokens without needing to time the market precisely.

We are all human and no matter what your favorite influencer says to you, none of us can predict what will happen in any financial market. This strategy removes all the noise and keeps you on a set purchasing schedule where you don't stress about getting things exactly correct.

What Tokens Am I DCA'ing?

Starting this week, I will be allocating money that I make from working into different coins on Friday mornings.


I'll be stacking $50 of BTC per week as it is still the token that I believe will lead the way in the cryptocurrency market for years to come. BTC is where I want to keep a lot of my net worth because I find it a solid store of value against inflation.


I'll stack $25 of ETH. As much as I don't love the ETH network with all the fees, I still see merit in stacking the token to eventually sell it. It is an investment for a profit rather than a diehard belief like I have in other tokens.


I'll stack $25 of BNB because I believe that this network will have a ton of action over the next few years. The low fees and all of the quality projects lead me to believe that BNB will continue to grow.


I'll stack $25 of HIVE... Nothing really needs to be said on this one, we're all on the same page.


I'll stack $10 of RUNE because I love the look of their new THORchain site and believe that permissionless swaps will be huge in maintaining freedom in crypto in the future.


I'll stack $10 of CHZ. As I've mentioned before I love Chiliz because of the HUGE market for sports fans in the world. They just signed on my favorite team, the Philadelphia 76ers... Exciting


I'll stack $10 of LINK. I think that this oracle just has so many implementations and is being used to widely that it is bound for success.


I'll stack $10 of MATIC. I think that this blockchain may prove to be successful as it will eventually overtake or at least improve the ETH network significantly.

I'll keep everyone updated on how things are going. Feel free to copy the strategy, but be sure to do your own research. These are tokens that I think will be very important in the cryptocurrency space and am excited to start building up my holdings on a regular basis!

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