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Torum Looking Primed To Explode

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1 month ago

I've written about Torum in the past. When I first started out here on I decided that a good way to increase my knowledge and create content was to interview people who were either working in the cryptocurrency space or were very successful here on Hive.

One of the very first interviews that I conducted was with Jayson Tan, Torum's co-founder and head of community engagement. He was super cool and got back to me really fast. It surprised me that people who were so "big time" in a project were willing to talk to someone with less than a dozen followers on their blog, but Jayson and many others surprised me back then and were really helpful in building up my profile and personal knowledge.

At that point, nobody I know had really heard about Torum and the only reason I found it was that someone had posted their referral link on one of their Publish0x posts. I learned that it was a social media platform for crypto-enthusiasts and that what it lacked in earnings potential it made up for in a clean web design and moderately active community.

Well as of just a few days ago, that changed... Torum has always had their XTM token (native-site currency) but now it has been launched on Uniswap and is trading for between 13 and 17 cents depending on the hour. You have always been able to earn around 5 tokens per day and a few more per week by completing "missions" centered around content creation and engagement, but now those tokens have a real tradable value.

With a max supply of 800 million tokens, XTM gained a valuation of well over 100 million dollars in just a few days with already having a reasonable amount of liquidity seeing 24hr volume around 350k USD. Not a bad start for Jayson and the team.

I have known about Torum for quite a while and am genuinely very happy for the team. Their product has always been awesome. I have written about how they may be a rival for Hive, and they even mention Hive in their whitepaper in an "indirect" attempt to say they have more to offer; I don't really mind reading that because they are obviously trying to convince users to join their site.

I am comfortable using numerous Web 3.0. type sites and I think that Torum will continue to develop as one of the leaders in the field. I have also noticed a ton of overlap as there is a ton of conversation on Torum regarding @splinterlands and there are a lot of posts from Leo or POB being posted there as well. They did a great job planning out their product and it is genuinely very easy to use and earn rewards; I hope we can keep finding overlaps between their product and the Hive ecosystem and continue to build alongside one another.

I think that their token could develop to be worth a fair bit of money. It has a capped supply and thus it is going to be a deflationary style token. If people use Torum and it continues to grow, we may see that token price really shoot up. Who knows, obviously that's not financial advice.

I do recommend checking out Torum if you get the chance, there is a reward of 35 XTM just for signing up using this link, and that is now worth around $5 for something that takes just a minute of your time! It is definitely financial advice to get free money for just signing up, but do your research before doing something like investing in their liquidity pool on Uniswap or anything like that!

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Written by   10
1 month ago
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Hi mate, I am already there and I agree it will do wonders in future. Hope for the best.

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