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Three Theoretical Uses Of Blockchain

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I think that we are living in an awesome time and one of my biggest regrets was not getting involved with the skills needed to be a part of building the technical side. If I could go back in time, I think I would have chosen to major in some type of web-development/engineer position so that I would have the skills needed to design and build on my ideas.

With that being said, I think that one thing I have seen is that companies and groups are trying to make it easier for non-coders to design things such as smart contracts (i.e. the Marlowe playground on Cardano) and basic web platforms via a site like wordpress or drupal.

I think that we will see Blockchain creeping more and more into traditional businesses with each passing year and additionally having that blockchain be explained to users like they were five year olds. Things will get streamlined and easier to understand/use and there will come a time where non-coders are approaching the levels of skill that some devs are at now while they reach levels we can't even imagine right now.

So what would this world look like? What are three possible scenarios where blockchain would be employed by people who currently would probably never imagine they would use blockchain in their field?

1. Education System

One idea that I have had that I never really figured out how to put into direct use is to streamline and publicize the budgets of secondary educational facilities as well as the K-12 system in the United States.

With a private institution, there is almost always a report published after a fiscal year detailing how that school spent it's endowment or yearly budget so that the students can see where their tuition is going, but they really get little to no input on how it is actually spent and divvied up. With a public system that holds true as well except it is the taxpayers that are seeing how much of their taxes went to the school and what it was spent on; again with no real agency for the payer.

Schools could easily involve blockchain to create a weighted voting system where people could choose where to allocate their tuition/tax money. Even imagine if a school identified 5-6 categories where they would want funding and allowed payers to allocate their funding to the categories they believe in. Sure there would be issues like lack of funding for specific categories, but the positive side of me wants to believe that the funding would get to the things that are most important.

Additionally, payers could write their own proposals and have them voted on for funding the same way we do on sites like Hive. It is certainly possible to democratize the educational system with some blockchain-based voting.

2. The Government

The same thing as the educational system goes here as well. Of course the United States in many many years away from every having a productive government (we may never actually see one). However, with so many dissatisfied with where their tax money is going, there could easily be a voting system where payers choose projects and/or categories of funding to allocate their tax money to. Instead we kind of just see the government put that wherever benefits wealthy individuals who often have a financial say in whatever law is sending that money out.

True democracy would strike fear into lawmakers in the United States, but if we were ever to see a push towards it, blockchain technology could be used to ensure an immutable public ledger of decisions.

3. Military

I think that after watching "War Dogs" I just had this random theoretical idea that smart contracts could be used to better document and publicize military purchases. The movie was about a website where the military would post wholesale contract requests for weapons orders that would be filled by smaller businesses than Lockheed Martin or Boeing in order to level the playing field a little bit when it comes to funding the Military-Industrial complex the United States survives on.

I think that smart contracts could be used to streamline purchases and make sure that the government is being held accountable for all their purchases by showing the taxpayer an immutable and public record of how their money is being used. I'm sure that blockchain could also be used to help with actual warfare but that is something out of my range of understanding and I don't support the war to begin with. The benefits of blockchain here would be more about transparency in my eyes.

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