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$TATA A Disney Partnership Gem?

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5 months ago

Just the other day I came across a coin on the BSC and was immediately stopped in my tracks due to the name: Hakuna Matata Coin.

For those of you who don't recognize this name, it is a popular Swahili phrase meaning "no worries" that was used in a song in Disney's Lion King movie. Who can forget the scene when a lemur and a hog tell a young lion to quite literally stop worrying about the death of his father and have a numerous year montage where they are just vibing out and walking around in the jungle.

What Is $TATA?

The concept that this token seeks to accomplish is actually quite interesting; they want to bridge the gap between charity/philanthropy and the cryptocurrency world.

Here is what is essentially their mission statement regarding token utility:

Through dedicating a fixed initial supply pool for donations on one hand and continuously feeding the pool from the daily volume of transactions and the interactions of buyers and sellers, HakunaMatata will be capable of targeting a myriad of charitable causes and organizations around the world, especially within underserved and unserved markets, ranging from combating world hunger, saving endangered animals, building schools and hospitals, and significantly more.

Similar to what SAFEMOON is doing, transactions trigger what is essentially a large tax on the sale of a token, but rather than redistributing it to users alone, this also in part goes to "charitable causes". If done with complete transparency, this is a great way to help the world using crypto gains... If done without transparency this could be a fantastically designed Ponzi scheme... Only time will tell if they are legit.

Why This Token Grabs My Attention:

Well though I am interested in the aspects of charity this token is able to provide to the world, the reason it is so interesting to me is because I recognize the incredible amount of influence that Disney has in our world. Disney is a GIANT corporation that is constantly churning out enormous profits and seemingly endless media. $TATA is seeking out partnerships with Disney and seeking the rights to use their characters from the Lion King in return for providing Disney a philanthropic outlet.

If this coin does turn out to be legit (I see no reason to believe either way yet as it has just come into existence) it would be a great initial access-point for Disney into cryptocurrency. If we saw one of the biggest corporations in the world involving their trademarks with a cryptocurrency market, I could not even begin to imagine the effect that would have on the price of $TATA.

If they are able to pull off the impossible (getting something from Disney for free) this may be a very influential token. I have no idea whether or not it will succeed, but I will personally be keeping an eye on it.

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Written by   13
5 months ago
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Sounds interesting however at the moment I set a target to .. not buy anything

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5 months ago