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If you haven't recently seen the string of information going around Twitter, big time crypto influencers are making money in droves by taking on paid advertisements and charging for dedicated reviews of different projects. Now, while this does not mean that the project can't be a good one, it was a little disheartening knowing that support can be bought so easily.

I feel as if this may be what is happening with but I really hope that it is not because of how promising the project appears to be.

The token will be a form of payment to be used at any merchants that are operating on the blockchain; a blockchain that will be at least partially supported by Polygon; as well as being used to acquire discounts and even discounts on exchange rates for international payments.

Kasta will allow for staking through different pools in order to generate rewards as well as allowing the userbase to vote on which products/companies should get Kasta cashback rewards for purchases made with them.

The reason that I feel like this project could lack trust is simply because of how many influencers are talking about it now. It is everywhere and Ivan on Tech is one of their main technical partners. I think that this doesn't necessarily mean that the project would be bad as I mentioned, it just gives me an uneasy feeling. I think I would need to see it being used successfully before getting deeply involved with it.

On the flipside, having so many influencers talking about a project like this where the token can be used as a form of payment seems important because the more people using it, the more places it can be spent. Not quite sure what to think at this point, but the basics of the project sound appealing to me at the very least.

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Written by   12
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