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Invest In Knowledge

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A New Goal

One thing that I have been really on myself recently about is taking the time to read more. I think that going to school for so many years really beat the life out of reading and acquiring knowledge.

I went from someone who enjoyed learning about many different topics to someone who would identify the minimum needed to get by and pursue that.

Well... Now that I am out of a formal educational setting for the time being, I am once again looking to learn more about the world and about topics that I actually care about or believe can improve the quality of my life.

What Types Of Books?

I am currently focusing on books to improve financial and emotional wellbeing as those are two areas where I have struggled over the last few years.

When it comes to finance books, it seems that everyone has their own recommendations as to what will be impactful or beneficial. Ironically, the book that I just read was at it's core about identifying the difference between facts and opinions on the road to educational and financial success. I personally choose books based on the story of the author and what they are seeking to convey through the recounting of that story.

I have just finished the second book of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. I chose this originally off of a recommendation, but after I got to reading it became a page turner when I realized that someone of great wealth had come from a regular middle-class upbringing. I hate reading books where rich people are disconnected from the reality of the world, but this one was much different as the author used life lessons to transition from a regular life (even becoming homeless at one point) into being a real estate mogul.

Why Read?

I have been quite focused on increasing my productivity, but some days there really isn't much tangible work to be done on any front. That is a situation where in the past I would find myself watching hours of Youtube or Netflix that became quite a large time-waster in my day. I am trying to make some lifestyle changes with my health and am using reading as a way of using my mental productivity in a beneficial way. Though I may not be out changing the world reading books, I am learning a lot more than I would watching Youtube skits and it is my hope that the knowledge that I acquire will help me when I do go out and try to build a business.

I read a study that said that people who are wealthy typically wake up early and exercise as well as read quite often (CEO's apparently average a book every week). I am trying to do that not necessarily for the sole purpose of becoming wealthy, but rather because I really like the concept of optimizing my time and getting the most out of my days. If I get rich as a result of developing great habits that would be awesome, but the primary goal is to increase the amount of satisfaction I get out of my daily routine.

I am making an investment with my time rather than with my money in the hopes of putting myself on a more productive track. Is this something that you do? I'm curious to know what everyone thinks about optimization and getting on a productive routine.

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Who I am:
My name is Rob and I am a financial analyst with interests in cryptocurrency and blockchain. I have enjoyed my time thus far engaging with Web 3.0 and am looking to continue learning more and sharing what I learn through my experience.

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Written by   27
1 month ago
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