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If You Can't Build, Then Write

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One thing that keeps coming up during this bear market is the concept that we need to keep building. Now I view that in two different lights. On one hand, building to me in the concept of continuing to work on a project/protocol/ecosystem during a time when the profits may not be rolling in. On the other hand, it can also refer to building up your portfolio value through investing during a period of price depression.

What If You Can't?

Well what if you don't have a business to work on, the technical ability to build it up or the capital to increase your portfolio?

With web 3.0 this question has been answered. Now, you can read and write about whatever you do know and be rewarded for it. You don't have to be an expert in C++ to look up the latest protocol that is doing an airdrop. You don't have to have an LLC to read an article about the state of the housing market.

The fact of the matter is that we are now living in a time (some would argue that it is a very early version of the future) where you can generate value from whatever you do know how to do. You don't need to fit a specific mold or go out of your way to change what you are doing. With Hive, Publish0x, and dozens more, you are able to simply post about what you enjoy and reap financial benefits from engaging with others.

During this period of continuous building and improvement, just focus on continuous participation. Sure, the guys building a DeFi platform may realize greater financial rewards, but you are not sitting with your hands tied. You can get out there right now and do just a bit each day and be way better off after this period than you were right this second.

Just keep going and don't worry about what the markets are doing. If we are correct in our thinking that the future is crypto and web 3.0 then we're already in the right place.

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My name is Rob and I am a financial analyst with interests in cryptocurrency and blockchain. I have enjoyed my time thus far engaging with Web 3.0 and am looking to continue learning more and sharing what I learn through my experience.

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Written by   27
1 month ago
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