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Cub and Polycub Are Down Bad... Opportunity Of A Lifetime?

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2 months ago

I can't say I'm overly happy about the USD value of CUB and Polycub as an investor being down around 60-70% on each token, but on the bright side there are some positives to this situation.

The Positives

Short-Term Price Offers Accumulation Opportunity:

Well we often talk about how the dollar value of a cryptocurrency is relatively unimportant in the short term as we are investing for long term holds... It is true, but of course it still feels tough to watch. At the same time, throughout the history of investing, the gains have been made by those who hold onto their investments through adversity and market fluctuation and continue to average into larger positions.

With prices of each asset nearing (or reaching) all time lows, we are being given an opportunity to average into bigger positions on a much lower cost basis. If you were willing to buy Polycub at 40 cents, you should be thrilled to see it dipping to below 14 cents now so you can stack more (even though you may be down on your previous holdings). You now have the opportunity to add to your position at a 65% discount from that point. If Polycub can deliver on what it promised, you might be looking at one of the biggest sales you'll ever encounter.

We Still Have Our APR

You can still reap huge gains through farming and staking on Cub Defi and on PolyCub. Though the dollar value of the Polycub tokens are down, being able to always earn that yield should be big for morale and you should take advantage of the high yields while possible.

There are also the 'safe' farms that you can invest in such as the new pHBD-USDC farm that is still boasting 27.2% APR. Don't forget about the opportunity to put your funds to work even if those funds reflect a lower USD value than they did last week.

The Plan Hasn't Changed

Regardless of price, the roadmap for these platforms remains the same. Cub Defi is still attempting to be a solid BSC liquidity farming protocol and is actually one of the longest running farms as most of them tend to turn out to be scams. PolyCub is still seeking to release bonds and collateralized loans that will be game changers for the Hive ecosystem as well as the Polygon ecosystem at large. xPolycub is still a number that is constantly going up and it is now cheaper than ever to get involved in the contract.

The roadmap is more important than what the markets reflect; especially within the short term. Markets are down across the board, it is not so much the work of PolyCub or CUB that explains why they are down. Money is flowing away from risk and away from newer assets such as these. What is it that the investors always say??? Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy... Well I personally see a lot of fear, let's see how this strategy pays off.

We Still Have The Community

Both of these platforms are still subsidiaries of the @leofinance community... A community that is pumping out strong numbers every day and continues to grow in size alongside maintaining that consistent production. There is a lot to be happy about and a lot to be excited about in this ecosystem.

Don't let the short-term price dictate your long term mindset.

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Written by   27
2 months ago
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I only have small CUB left and the polycub airdrops is not much too so I don't mind it as I didn't bought some.

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2 months ago