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Bitcoin Is Venice: A New BTC Classic

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1 month ago

A New Book

I'm excited because I've just gotten into a new book that is becoming quite the page turner. "Bitcoin Is Venice" by Allen Farrington and Sacha Meyers seeks to draw parallels between the disruptive nature of the Venetian markets of pre-Renaissance Italy and Bitcoin of today's economy.

A lot of the time when I read books that focus on history, notably political or economic history, they tend to be quite dry in my opinion. A lot of times, authors seek to impress the reader by using unnecessarily academic language and diving into too much specific detail about the historical event rather than getting to the point. So far as I have been reading this book, I have found it to be almost the opposite.

The authors of this book are making points and immediately backing them up rather than dragging it out for the purpose of appearing academic or intellectually superior. They actually concede that much of the scope that is Bitcoin is out of their personal understanding. What they do instead is take what they know for a fact and show the reader straight up why that is so.

Bitcoin Magazine Recommended

I ended up spending a decent amount of money to buy a paper copy of this book because it is currently being recommended as one of the best reads in the industry. I have been following Bitcoin Magazine for a while, and though I don't always agree with what they say, they do a pretty fair job of showing the climate of Bitcoin and how the world is currently reacting towards it, so I took their recommendation on this one.

Bitcoin As A Disrupter

I think that it is clear that throughout history there have been inventions that completely changed the way the world operates. Automation, language, technology, financial concepts and more have been created and implemented into society to help us progress to where we are today. The authors of this book, and myself believe that Bitcoin will serve to be one of the greatest economic disruptions in world history. Whether or not Bitcoin becomes the payment system it was originally intended to become is beyond me, but I truly believe that it has started a movement of innovation that will carry us into the next generation of finance and change the way that money works forever.

I'll give an update on how the rest of the book is, but as you can probably tell I am pretty excited about it!

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Written by   27
1 month ago
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