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Big News For Presearch

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A few months ago, I started using the Presearch search engine in harmony with my Brave browser. The Presearch engine works very similar to that of Google or Yahoo in providing results for your searches but prides itself on being private and decentralized as well.

Presearch pays users in their PRE tokens for each search based on a weighted formula that they have created that takes into account the importance of specific keywords. Presearch also allows users to purchase "staking" rights to specific keywords and allow them to provide some advertisements that show up when that word is searched; this is a similar concept to Google's Adwords, but a bit more decentralized as users can stake their PRE to directly increase their visibility.

Presearch is run by individual node operators filtering searches through their decentralized node. Anyone can be a node operator and you just have to stake 1000 PRE to the network to be able to do so, this is still something that can be done for under $100 USD.

The big news for Presearch is that they are being listed as a default search engine for European Android Devices. Cointelegraph put an article out about this today and it can be found here.

This news saw a spike in the value of the PRE token as well. On the day today, tokens are currently up over 72%. I'm absolutely having some FOMO as I've known about this token for a while but never bought any, only the little bit that I've earned from searching for the last few months.

I think that Presearch is a wonderful concept, but it is my hope that the dev team continues to make a cleaner display. It is still hard to pass up on the ease of using google chrome with their instant results and search suggestions, but the idea of getting paid for searching and maintaining privacy while doing it is something that will be important in the next few years in my opinion.

Join Presearch now before it's too late!

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