70% Of Crypto Investors Started in 2021

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I was wildly surprised when I saw this article pop up today on CoinGecko. Huboi ran a study and found out that on average, it appears that around 70% of crypto investors just started during 2021.

Well what does this mean?

It means that there has been enormous growth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. There's been a ton of people investing since 2017, and of course quite a few people before then. The fact that 70% of the current investing population just started is a hugely bullish sign.

These are the types of numbers that I am expecting to see on Hive as well. There will be a few years of diehard people participating daily and accumulating a huge stake and then there will be some huge dApp that brings in a horde of people all at once. It can even be argued that this is what is happening with Splinterlands, but it is hard to imagine that there won't be more innovation coming to Hive in the coming years as well.

It was noted in the study that a lot of the people polled had heard of NFT's and that was a big driving factor to get involved. So though I have always been skeptical of NFT's as art being worth millions of dollars, it has at least served as a big advertisement for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The study also notes that approximately 25% of Americans own a little bit of Bitcoin is some form. This is an enormous percentage that I expect to continue to rise as things like DeFi and the Metaverse continue to gain traction and people are seeking a place to start getting involved with crypto; most people seem to begin with Bitcoin.

This was a nice bit of news to find out as it brings continued confidence that I am not completely insane for getting involved with cryptocurrency. As more and more people continue to get involved and things keep being built, the ecosystem will continue to develop and improve. In 5 years, we may not even recognize the world we are living in.

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Certainly the biggest benefit to any cryptocurrency is going to be more awareness by the public at large, and that seems to be slowly happening. Seems like it could be a good thing for anything crypto related for sure.

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