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Benefits of physical fitness

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Physical fitness this the ability of an individual to carry his or her daily activities without Unnecessary tiredness and still reserve strength for leisures and emergencies.physical fitness ia necessary for daily life to avoid undue stress and fatigue or weakness of the body.

  • Components Of pPhysical Fitness

1:health related component: they are fatigue,endurance,muscular power,cardio respiration endurance, flexibility and resistance to disease.

2:performance or skilled related component : they include balance,speed,co_ordination,agility,accuracy and quick reaction time.

Importance Of Physical Fitness

1. physical fitness makes us to live a happy and enjoyable life.

2. It helps to control obesity enables individual to meet emergencies in their daily life.

4 it enables the body to resist diseases. aids digestion. helps to reduce high blood pressure.

Condition that bring about physical fitness includes:

1.Good medical Care.

2.Balance Diet(Nutrition).

3.Regular physical exercise.

4.Healthy play and recreation.

5. Adequet Rest and


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