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A Million Idea

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May 18th, 2022

I was just scrolling through twitter yesterday when I saw the post above. It was just timely because there are million ideas in my mind.

To get it done, one need to hate one's comfort zone and struggle out of it. That is when you can be limitless.

What is inspiration?

Is it an idea?

Is it a mindset or a comfort?

Most of us think it's just an idea.

It's okay to have a million ideas in one's mind. But to get it done, one need to hate one's comfort zone and struggle out of it.

When you hate your comfort zone, you can go beyond your limit and become limitless.

Life is too short to be ordinary. Make today different from yesterday. Make today limitless!

To achieve something that seems impossible, one need to challenge the limit in every minute, every hour, every day.

It is okay to have a million ideas in one's mind. It is okay to be inspired by a million possibilities. And it is okay to dream so big that you might feel terrified.

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To be limitless, you need to challenge your limit. You need to struggle out of your comfort zone and face your fears head on. For me, I hate cold weather and I feel uncomfortable when I have no idea what's going on in the world. But that's what motivates me to wake up at 5 am everyday, fetch the news, read through them and try to digest it by taking off my glasses with sticky fingers so that I can get over the physical discomfort and see a bigger picture in my mind.

We all have a million ideas in our minds. To be honest, some of them are not so bad after all. You just have to hate your comfort zone and struggle out of it. Now you can be limitless.

The world is moving too fast and new ideas are popping up every single day. But where can one find inspiration? How can one make this crazy world more beautiful and peaceful? Just like the slogan of "life", what you are inspired by will shape your life. And in life, you will always find inspiration if you are willing to look for it.

In one of his Socratic dialogues, Plato famously asked "What do you have in your mind when you have, not just a good idea, but a million?"

The question is, why does it feel so difficult to bring even one idea to life?

The struggle that many of us have faced, is that we can never seem to let go of the comfort that makes us feel secure and this limits our potential. Few of us who are not famous entrepreneurs or leaders of any kind can actually claim that they have had the guts to take their ideas and transform them into something tangible.

This is what most people will tell you; 'the moment you let go of your comfort zone and start working on your idea it becomes this uphill struggle.'

Here is what they never tell you: when you are finally able to push through and bring your idea to life it feels like coming back home. It feels like coming full circle.

Regardless of one's career path, education or point of life, it is not at all uncommon to be dominated by the thought "I can't do this." A million idea might sound like overkill but it is precisely how our world has been built- on people having a million ideas.

Doubts, oppositions and failures never come to an end and they might affect one's inspiration and motivation.

One might even come up with a way to make everything easier. But if you want to do something great, you need more than just inspiration and motivation. You need your mind to be in a great shape, quiet and in order. You need to identify the most important thing you want to do, and what the best possible way for you is to work on it.


There are so many of us who are stuck in our comfort zones, continuously thinking about the best ways to get out of it. People who hate their comfort zone, always struggling, will never get bored.

Those who hate their comfort zone and constantly struggle, will fall in and out of it; however, they will have a million ideas in their mind regarding how to get out from it. They can be limitless with their ideas.

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Written by   106
1 month ago
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