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Law of ninety-nine

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1 year ago

A king asked his minister:

This is how my servants are happier than I am. While they have nothing and I lack nothing.

The Minister said:

King Salamat, try using law number ninety-nine on one of your servants

The king asked:

Well, what is this law number ninety-nine?

The Minister said:

King Salamat, put ninety-nine dirhams in a jar, write on the jar a hundred dirhams is a gift for you. At night, place it in front of the door of a servant's house, knock on the door and hide here and there and watch the spectacle.

The king decided to experiment and did as the minister explained, knocked on the door and began to watch the spectacle in secret.

Hearing the knock, the servant came out from inside, picked up Sarahi and went home. When the dirhams were counted, it turned out to be ninety-nine. The servant thought: Surely a dirham must have fallen out somewhere. Khadim and all his family went out and started looking for dirhams.

His whole night was spent in the same search. The servant's anger and restlessness were noticeable. He also called his wife and children severely lazy because they had failed to find dirhams.

Some nights passed in patience and the rest of the night in bookings and bows.

The next day, when the employee went to work in the palace, his mood was clear, his eyes were burning, he was annoyed with his work, and his depression was obvious.

The king understood what the law of ninety-nine was.

People forget the 99 blessings that Allah Almighty has bestowed on them. And they spend their whole lives in pursuit of a blessing that they have not received

And even a blessing is withheld due to some wisdom of Allah, which is not a big deal for Allah to give.

People live by wandering for the same missing blessing and depriving themselves of the pleasures of the ninety-nine blessings that they have.

Believe in the blessings of Allah (swt) on the ninety-nine blessings you have received and benefit from them and become a grateful servant.

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Written by   5
1 year ago
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