The secret of beautiful tomatoes lies in the seeds

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Many times someone is disappointed when they save the seeds of the most beautiful tomatoes, and then from the seeds the following year grows a completely different tomato than expected. What is the reason?

If we have saved the seeds of the fruits of the plants we have grown by sowing hybrid seeds - this has the F1 label next to the name - our effort is doomed to failure.

Seed that has matured on hybrid plants, as a plant, loses the uniformity and fertility that the parents had, and most of the time the seed does not germinate at all. The reason that the second generation is so much worse than the first or that the seed does not germinate at all is in the process of breeding, ie in the complicated process of creating hybrids. Certainly, this property is in the interest of breeding houses, as we have to buy new seeds over and over again.

Let's choose varieties

If we sow the seeds of varieties - these do not have the F1 designation next to the name - and not hybrids, healthy fruits from the most beautiful plants must be selected for the production of seeds for the next sowing season. By no means should we choose fruits that have been attacked by mold or disease. We choose fruits from plants that have worked best in the given weather conditions.

Sowing and useful dipping

Tomato seeds are sown in boxes or multiplates, usually in the first half of March. Before sowing tomatoes, it is recommended to sow or soak the seeds, and sow them in a room with a temperature of around 20 ° C. Picking tomato seedlings is beneficial because by disrupting and slightly damaging the roots, we encourage the development of a more intertwined and stronger root system. We first pick the tomatoes from the box when a pair of cotyledons are flattened. Then we pick them into small multiplates, then we can dive into larger multiplates, and finally into pots in which they should grow until we plant them in the garden after the ice men.

It is useful to pick tomato and pepper seedlings three times. In doing so, make sure that the young plants are planted slightly deeper into the soil each time than they grew before. Thus, they will develop stronger roots.

Spraying instead of watering

Proper watering is important for small cuttings: water them three times a day rather than watering them in stock, as moss will develop on the soil. We do not use a watering can for watering the cuttings, but a clean sprayer.

Timely sowing for seedlings

• Tomato seedlings develop 60 to 70 days. In central Slovenia, it is therefore recommended to sow in the first half of March. • At the end of February or the beginning of March, we also sow pepper and eggplant seedlings, most often in multi-plots. • If you are planting tomatoes in a greenhouse at the end of April, sow the seedlings in early March.

Tomatoes are planted in the garden in the second half of May. Seedlings are planted 50 cm apart in a row and 70 cm apart between rows.

Thank you for reading my article.

Much love and kisses.


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So hybrids are made so the second generation seeds aren't good? That way we're forced to keep buying seeds?

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