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3 years ago

There must be someone for everyone, whom he trusts so much, that he can be trusted, when it is difficult for him.

There must be someone for everyone, who understands and listens to him, when his soul is frozen and his heart is sick.

Someone you can trust even with those problems which I would like to erase from my head, and she can also tell him that which is not easy to say.

But talking is for a man even more important than the dress and at the same time a rare thing today for which no money is required.

Talking is not just for fun, it is also healing when we have a problem and we suffocate in our own minds, until we share them with someone else.

Conversation is closeness and warmth, by talking we are family and group. By talking, man intertwines with man, by talking, we are a network even outside the internet.

Thank you for reading my article.

Hugs and kisses


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3 years ago