Do not throw squeezed lemons in the bin!

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Lemon is as entrenched in our consciousness as a vitamin bomb that we quickly forget that it is not only a mandatory ingredient in tea, but that it can be used for many ailments. Which ones?

• If we feel that our body needs a fair detox, we prepare a drink every morning from hot water, a teaspoon of honey and the juice of one lemon. Eat breakfast half an hour after eating. Be sure to quickly feel how lemon helps build healthy enzymes in the liver. • Natural lemonade is a recommended thirst quenching drink for people with diabetes. Of course, we should not sweeten it. • If you suffer from hoarseness, dilute the juice of one lemon in a cup of hot water. Wait for it to cool, then gargle the drink three times a day.
• For insect bites, place a slice of lemon in place of the bite. The swelling will decrease. • If you have painful joints, grate the peel of an unsprayed lemon and massage your joints with it. Alternatively, you can tie the lemon puree with a cotton bandage to the sore joint and let it work for two hours. • Travel sickness is an unpleasant affair. It helps many to start sucking a slice of lemon at the first signs of nausea. • To strengthen the immune system, prepare the following drink: mix the juice of one lemon, the juice of one grapefruit, a squeezed clove of garlic and a grated slice of ginger in a blender into a drink and drink it fresh.
• In case of insomnia, make tea from lemon leaves. Pour two tablespoons of dried leaves with a cup of hot water, let stand for ten minutes, add a tablespoon of honey and drink before going to bed.
• Do not throw squeezed lemons in the bin. Use them to rub your hands and hard skin on your elbows and soles. • Lemon is one of the proven hair lighteners. Wait for the summer and moisten a few strands with lemon juice, then go out in the sun. The latter will brighten the strands nicely. • Lemon juice is ideal for dissolving limescale, it is only slightly slower than severely toxic chemicals. Put a little lemon juice in the containers where the limescale accumulates, or rub them with it and leave it overnight, and they will be like new. So you can “restore” the jars as well. • Fish leave a strong and unpleasant odor on cutting boards and also in containers. Rub them with lemon and the smell will disappear. • To clean the floor, use water to which you have added lemon juice and vinegar several times. Your home will be much less toxic. Be sure to do this if you have a toddler crawling on the floor. • When you overdo it with a fatty diet, squeeze half a lemon and drink unsweetened juice. It helps.

Thank you for reading my article.

I am sending you much love and hugs!


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We put lemon on our water here as lemon water is good for the health, there's so many benefits u will get from it, thank u for the upvote :)

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