The Great White Shark

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I've been out of connection lately, that's why i can't visit here my dear family. I really hope that i can interact with you every day but I can't.

That's why i watch movies to kill the boredom that i felt.

I watched The Great White Shark. This movie really entertained me. The story is really great and it makes me write it here to share with you guys i hope that you like it too.

The story begin when the two lovers pay the jet plane on their travel. The girl wants to put the ashes of her late grandpa on the island.

When they are on the island the lovers found a haft body of a guy who is bitten by a shark and Charlie remind his accident while diving on the sea, he was bitten by a shark too but he survived from this incident.

Sarah found a phone on the victim's body and they find out that he was with someone.

They decided to search the body of the girl,but tobe object the searching, according to him they didn't sure what's the situation they might encountered while searching the body. but charlie insisted it and the others too.

And they found the boat and it was already broken. And they check it to look the woman. And Benny found a body but it was already dead and bitten also by the shark.

Benny was startled of what he saw and hurriedly swim back to the plane and told charlie that she was dead already. And they decided to go back. But when they are going to fly the shark attack the plane and it was broken.

And the plane started sinking. Sarah shouted Benny to get the life raft and release it for them to use for their protection.

They used these as their gate away vehicle. On their way of scaping they encountered a dolphin but tobe scared and thought that it was a shark and he scaredly paddle and his wife shouted him to stop him from what he is doing.

When the night come,they are changing on the paddling the boat. Benny and tobe argue on when yoke changing her clothes cause the rain is pouring benny tried to help yoke to change her clothes and makes tobe mad and hit Benny on his arm that injured using the paddle and push him into the water. and then the shark attack benny.

Time pass by,the shark attack their boat that makes them float on the water. Charlie told them to go back to the raft but tobe was too far and then the shark attack him.

The shark still following them when tobe was killed. When the morning came yoke decided to throw the ashes of her grandfather because her faith in living is already gone.

By then the shark showed it's two already but they didn't know yet.

Time pass by their life raft is starting to lose air and filled with water,they are exhausted already because of luck of water to drink and make them stop paddling and rest.

Yoke woke up and saw a shore and then she wake up charlie and Sarah. And the shark started to attack them again and this time they are eager to get their meal. That's the time they find out that it was two already.

Charlie decided to fight to save his love sarah that carrying his child and yoke. But Sarah didn't agree with his idea and she told him that they are always together ad stay together. Sarah told yoke to swim to the shore while they are fighting against the shark.

Charlie killed the shark by using a knife and the two are happy for what they did. But their still one shark that they need to face and this time they have no more weapon against the shark. Charlie push Sarah to save her and then the shark bite Charlie.

Sarah cried under the water when she saw charlie was attack by the shark. And make her swim to save herself cause she knows that there is no way and chance to help charlie from getting away from the shark.

Yoke is already on the top of the broken creek and she saw sarah then help her up. But the shark attack them and they fall to the water again. Sarah told yoke to swim to the shore when she make noise to make the attention of shark to her.

Yoke started to swim to get on the shore

and sarah swim under the deep of water carrying a small air tank for her to breathe.

The shark attack her and the tank trap on the edge of the metal thankfully the shark was stuck by the falling metal. But sarah was out of air and drone, thankfully yoke appeared and help her to breath again

and then sarah kick the metal to fall the sharp that pointed at the shark and she did it. The shark hit and died.

And the two girls survive from this tragic situation fighting for their lives against the powerful shark and they made it.

  • If your in this kind of situation,what will you do? will you help those people or you will think first your safety and others?

It's not a coward ness if you choose to not help them if you are not sure what you are facing off. Think thoroughly before you decide.

Report it to authorities if you have a chance to do it. That is the best way to help that you won't put your life in danger.


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Date Published:12-7-2021
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Title:The Great White Shark

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This is a really nice story, I was caught up in the moment...

Nice writing man

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