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Here's my own definition of holidays, i relate it in my life to let you know how i feel now.

H - Home is the best place to spend the time with the family. Over the years I'm always alone in every

O - Occasion that's really important to me.

L - Living alone and far from my family is very lonely. everytime that i need an

I - Inspiration for myself to be strong

D - Day by day i want them to be by my side just like when we are kids we are

A - Always together no matter what happened most specially in the important occasion in our lives,but

Y - Years pass and change just because we are adult and need to be

S - Separated by our parents and also to my siblings.

Every important holidays i've been missing them, because I'm always away from them.

But this holiday I'm going to my brother place. I'm going to spend my holiday there hoping for a great holiday with them.

How about yours my dear read cash? What's your holiday's?

Thank you in advance my dear reader's, upvoter's and to my sponsor miss @Kendy42

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Date Published:12-30-21
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Title: Holidays
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Hello! I do hope you enjoyed that holiday at your brother's house.

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