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Suggestions after the fork of BCH /BCH分叉后的建议

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1 year ago
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BCH has experienced the continuous divergence with a great loss of ecological power. Now that the fork has been completed, peace needs to be restored as soon as possible. We have to focusing on ecological construction and development.


Therefore, based on what I have learned, the following suggestions are put forward:


1. In the next hard fork upgrade, extend the time of BCH hard fork upgrade to 3 years. In order to stabilize the ecology and comb the continuous confidence.


2. In the next upgrade, shorten the block time to 1 minute in order to gain competitive advantage over LTC. (the one minute block of FCH proves feasible, and the difficulty adjustment time is shorter)


3. In the next upgrade, increase the upper limit of unconfirmed transaction chain. In order to meet the needs of some applications.


4. Defuse the hostility between bchn and bcha, tolerate each other, and prevent community division and opposition.


5. Taking BCHA as the social experimental field of BCH, supporting BCHA to maintain its evolutionary route, and experimenting with IFP and avalanche. Significant improvements can be introduced in the hard fork upgrade after 3 years.

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I think intentionally waiting 3 years (or longer) before developing the ability to scale for massive worldwide adoption would be a huge mistake. I love the 1 minute block time idea if BCH develops the ability to scale and that does not hamper that effort. All BCH needs to be able to become a real Bitcoin is the ability to scale massively. Once we have that, we can go viral and bring the revolution to the world.

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1 year ago

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